Thursday, April 30, 2009

You Sure the "G" in GOP Stands for "Grand?"

"It's interesting that people say the right has taken over the Republican Party -- but no one can say what we've done. We've been closeted for the last eight years. It's time for the right to come out of the closet."

-- Radio talk show host Michael Reagan, indirectly warning America of the coming shortage of pleather pants and vests at Wal Mart


jmnlman said...

So before now they were being "moderate"? This could be fun!

Preston de Guise said...

Of course it stands for Grand ... but short for Grandstanding ... as in Soapboxing :-)

Anonymous said...

You know how Rightists have a fetish for Authoritarian Men in Uniform.
The average reactionary wingnut is a Masochist at heart, given their repeatedly voting against their economic interests (i.e. Tax Cuts for the Rich).

What else do they "protest too loudly" these days,huh?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. It seems to mean that this mysterious "right" hasn't been around/influencing the Republican Party. But that's clearly stupid, so what the hell does the pale potato man mean?

gina r said...

*rhythmically blows on rainbow whistle, while donning cut off jean shorts*

w00t w00t!!

Mas Triste said...

In was thinking about the demise of the party in opposition; self inflicted wounds and all that. It occurs to me that Democrats reviled Joe Liebermann for doing exactly what they now praise Specter for. Both men should be respected for having a set; political expediency or true conviction notwithstanding.

Not only does Specter have a good point, but the GOP should see this as a (another) wake up call. When your Yankee Republicans are quickly abandoning ship (RE: Slate article on Souter), you should look at yourself in the mirror. Of course, they didn't when Jeffords left, so there are no illusions that they will now. And yes, they will act like clowns, no matter who is nominated for SCOTUS.

At the same time, if Dem's don't look to why Lieberman left (or, was forced out) and why Zell Miller abandoned them, they will be in the same boat in the near future.

The luster of Obama will wane like it does for every President. Dem's need to get off the man's coat tails and chart a course for 2012 or 2016.