Friday, April 10, 2009


(h/t Cesca)


Bill White said...

I'll be driving to the Teabag protest in Atlanta next week. We're packing up the 150 for the long haul. It will be worth it. It sounds like some of my idols will be there including Sean. I hope I get close enough to meet and thank him for his service to this great country. Sean, Rush and the others have assisted GW and Cheney in keeping this nation safe for 7 years.

I love the video here, Chez. Hard-working anti-tax folk like me can take the attacks. Did you see Glenn on Bill's show the other night? That was inspiring. Glenn is a walking coat of armor who can knock off any type of SP attack.

BonnieBelle said...


That's hot.

lakelady said...

aieeeee curse you for searing those images into my brain so early in the day!

And in case you haven't seen it yet check out Rachael Maddow's piece on this insani-tea, it's priceless!

Alex said...

I'm sure you caught this also.