Monday, April 06, 2009

Quote of the Week (Early Contender)

"I see him as a man who can't think, can't talk, and here he is doing both on television. I find it mystifying that CNN would take this local laughingstock and inflict him on the rest of the nation."

-- Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg on CNN talking head Roland Martin, who is, in fact, sort of a turd


Withnail said...

Yeah, but at least he's our turd. He's no Glen Beck, and does lean democrat in his turdiness.

Wow. Look what we've been reduced to when discussing Television News.

He's no Glen Beck.

TomR said...

Hmmm.... didn't this guy used to be on Laugh-In?

Anonymous said...

I've read some of his articles.

I've found myself disagreeing with almost everything he says.

Even more so than Glenn Beck. At least Glenn Beck very occasionally makes points (or at least, he used to before he got a television show).

Anonymous said...

He looks like an African American Charlie Brown. Seriously. That is an epic forehead.

Izar Talon said...

You stole my Laugh-In joke.

Well, I guess you didn't steal it.

But I was gonna say something like that.

Oh well.

Bill White said...

Chez, hold onto your lawn chair. I like some of what Roland has to say. He believes in strong family values and telling African-American men to take responsiblity. Sure, Hussein Obama says some of that, but the installed-president supports killing babies, using embryos to clone people, Socialism, too much environmental regulation, gay marriage and very high taxes. Maybe Roland supports some or all of that, but I like that he's in support of the family unit.
I also like Lou Dobbs on that channel. Lou thinks we need to put up a big fence to protect ourselves from the Mexicali Drug Cartel. I'm with him on that one. I'm not sure if I'm on that same page with him on Red China. Red China keeps our prices low, but yeah, they are putting poison in everything. I'm torn on that one. I say keep buying their stuff so that my bill at Walmart stays low, but tell them to become more like us or we'll invade them. Yeah, we should invade China. That's it. It's working in Iraq, right? The surge is working and now they can vote in Iraq, but we need to stay to fight the Jihadists. That's why we need to get more young unemployed men in the military.
OK, back to Roland. I love him. I bet he loves God and Jesus like me. He doesn't seem to be an SP.