Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Penn Slight

It's now official: The GOP as we currently know it -- with all its misguided Limbaugh and Beck-led lunacy, outlandish conspiracy theories, frightening unfocused rage, and complete loss of touch with reality -- has pretty much imploded.

It's less a vital political party right now than it is a fringe element.

The Huffington Post: Arlen Specter Switches Parties, Republican Leader Calls It "A Threat To the Country"/4.28.08

The Washington Post: New Poll Puts Number of Americans Identifying Themselves as Republican at 21%/4.24.09


kanye said...

Arlen Specter didn't really switch parties...he just stood in the same place for 30 years and let the Democratic Party come to him.

Mas Triste said...

Worst kept secret inside the beltway. The only mystery was whether he would go independent.

It is more of a survival move, considering the shifting demographics of his electorate, but Specter has always seemed to vote as a fairly straight shooter.

Bill White said...

This doesn't mean anything. Specter was always an embarrassment to the proud, fiscally conservative Republican party and more importantly, the Hebrews. It's about time this loser exposes himself for what he always was: a tax-&-spend big gov't secular liberal from the North. What does this mean in the United States Senate? Not a durn thing! So he'll vote to raise taxes and create huge hand-out programs for those who never deserved them like troubled Terry in Philadelphia who is 32 and has 4kids and without a hard-working man's man in her life. She waitresses at Arlen's favorite diner and complains to him that she needs a handout for all of her irresponsibility. So she gets the gov't money and spends it on drugs, drink and birth control pills. It's sad Chez and y'all fall for this hook, line and sinker. Terry needs a he-man in her life who will clean up this mess and take her and the kids to church.
Down here in the South, we are doing it differently and listen to this you snobby northern libs.: We are doing it right! We don't need Washington's money and lecturing. We can work with our own currency. We can build our own schoolhouses. We can build our own military. All of this can be done with no taxation! And guess what, you'll see millions of jobs being created down here in Dixie while y'all will suffer with high taxes, unemployment, drug use, Godlessness and rising, rising crime.
Chez, look what's going on in your Godless city. Trump wants to leave. Rush wants to leave. The hard-working achievers all want to go because taxes are going through the roof!
I'm disgusted with people like Arlen Specter. He is a total traitor. As my blood brother Newt Gingrich says, "Good riddance."

Anonymous said...

That's a seat the GOP was destined to lose one way or another in 18 months anyway. Really, it is the mirror image of the steady stream of Southern Democrats in the 90s who switched party affiliation in order to save their electoral bacon. Specter knew he had little hope of re-election as a Republican in a State that has been strongly trending Democrat, so he took his name recognition and switched sides.

The only way the GOP could win a State wide office in Pennsylvania right now would be to tap a well known celebrity, someone like Lynn Swann. :-)

Eric said...

Say, Bill, on behalf of all my fellow North Carolinians down here: if you don't want your stimulus money, can we have it? Pretty please? With our unemployment rate creeping towards 10%, it sure would be nice to have some Federal funds to put people to work building highways and schoolhouses and whatever.

(I know, I know. I shouldn't feed the troll. But if he really doesn't want the money....)