Monday, April 27, 2009

Now If Only There was a Vaccine for Stupid

If you picked "8 days" in the over-under pool for how long it would take Texas Governor Rick Perry to run screaming to the federal government for help after bombastically declaring that his state should secede from the union, congratulations -- you win.

Wonkette: Rick Perry Begs Feds for Thousands of Doses of Tamiflu/4.25.09


Girl With Curious Hair said...

I think God hates Texas--or at least Rick Perry. First he ranted and raved against the stimulus package and almost immediately wanted help from the federal government to combat the Mexican drug cartels; now he's been threatening to secede from the union and gets hit by the swine flu. Brilliant.

Mark said...

It looks like having large quantities of Tussin does not qualify as adequate pandemic prevention like you thought it would be, Governor Perry.

Anonymous said...

What a mealy-mouthed, weaselly tool.

Why not ask the aging hairpiece Chuck Norris to beat the swine flu up?

Douche-bag. Asshat.


Pick your favorite!

kanye said...

Dear Gov. Perry,

Take two aspirin and call us in the morning.

Disaffiliatingly Yours,
Uncle Sam

Anonymous said...

Check out some of the comments on Wonkette. Priceless!

Steven Lloyd Wilson said...

Dear Governor Perry,

I'd love to help, but unfortunately I'm not a real American.

-a Californian

tiny robot said...

I live in Texas and I get a front-row seat to all the whacked-out antics of this cry baby politician all the time.

Just remember...he only became governor in the first place because he took over Dubya's seat when he left for the White House.

Jeremy said...

Personally, I'm looking forward to voting this asshat out of office. Too bad the rest of Texas isn't like Austin.
(Watch all the "real" Texans get all pissy and call me out for being an Austin "weirdo" now.)

Mas Triste said...


You Austin weirdo!

You are alot closer to Perry than the rest of us; get him out of there NOW!

We like Bill White in Houston.

Anonymous said...

the same guy who wants to shove the HPV vaccine into the arm of every little girl in Texas. it's sick.

C Riedel-de Haen said...

@anon 6:06
No, it's not sick. The girls would be, though, without the vaccine.

Anonymous said...

don't get me started. he only mandated that hpv vaccine because of his ties to the pharmaceutical company that makes it. plus, there are no long-term studies on the adverse affects the hpv vaccine will have on the girls' reproductive health. it IS sick.

Liz in Austin said...

As Willie Nelson said..."I'm not from Texas...I'm from Austin."

Amen and pass the organic veggies.