Friday, April 03, 2009

Madonna and No Child

Malawian Judge: Madonna will never get that kid. I don't care how many gay, drag-queen, bondage freaks come outta the woodwork! Now you get the hell outta here!

Alan Chinula: Thank you for the dinner and a very pleasant evening. If your car could take me to the airport. Madonna is a woman who insists on hearing bad news immediately.

Cut To: Malawian judge waking up with a horse head in his bed

The Huffington Post: DENIED: Madonna's Malawian Adoption Stopped by Court/4.3.09


trish said...


Suck on that, bitch.

Tara Parker said...

I fail to see why everyone keeps making a big deal about this. I mean, really, what difference does it make to me if she wants to improve the life of some kid.

Anonymous said...

The original celebutwat, DE-NIED!

Lily's Mommy said...

Wow. It's one of the poorest countries in the world and she still couldn't swing it.

Do they just hate her? Or do they actually have standards?


Chez said...

Tara -- Improve the life of a child? You're kidding, right? You really think this was an act of altruism -- from Madonna? Africa shouldn't be a fucking puppy farm for celebrity shitheads who think they're doing the world a favor and getting their pictures in the paper to boot.

Besides, if the choice is between eating Red Cross grain, living with flies on your face, and eventually dying of AIDS at the age of six, or being raised by Madonna -- I think it's obvious what's better for a child.

Anonymous said...

You can be such a prick Chez.


L. said...

People make a big deal about it because she's ignoring the laws in the child's native country.

Adopting a child, like having a child, isn't a decision that should be taken lightly. If you want to adopt a child from any country, you should be willing to respect and follow the laws in that country.

No matter how important you think you are, if you care at all about the child you wish to adopt you shouldn't consider yourself above the laws put in place to protect them.

Tara Parker said...


Do you truly believe that "eating Red Cross grain, living with flies on your face, and eventually dying of AIDS at the age of six" is better than being raised by Madonna?

Even if her motives are publicity-driven (which seems a stretch, considering that there are much easier ways to accomplish those goals), the kid would still be better off.

I completely appreciate that Madonna-hating is all the rage lately, but give me a break.

There are more important things than this to get worked up over.

And why of all things am I arguing with you over freaking Madonna? :)

Deacon Blue said...

Tara, Madonna's actions in the past suggest strongly that she takes children she WANTS, even if there are relatives who want that child (and that seems to be the case here again). If she was going after kids that had no family that wanted them, I might share (somewhat) your views on this.

Chez said...

I like to think I was ahead of the curve on this one, Tara. I've disliked Madonna for years.

And two of my biggest pet peeves -- which I write about quite a bit here -- are celebrity entitlement and, more offensively, a public that lets them get away with it because it believes that the end somehow justifies the means.

Tara Parker said...


Maybe I missed it, but I haven't read anything that says that the girl's relatives were fighting the adoption.

But - the woman has money pouring from just about every hole in her body and there's never been an ounce of evidence that she's a crap parent - let her adopt if she wants to and the laws of the country allow it.

Which in this case, it didn't. Non-issue.

Tara Parker said...


Normally I'm right there with you on both peeves. I guess I have trouble seeing how this would be entitlement on Madonna's part.

From everything I've seen, Madonna isn't treating her current children like sparkly accessories, but as part of her family.

I'm willing to be shown the error of my ways, if you have something proving otherwise.

Deacon Blue said...

Actually, Tara, there are extended family members, including a grandmother, who seem to be interested in keeping the girl in the country. There is some question as to whether or not the grandmother or other family members will be able to raise her adequately, but those are questions being raised from Madonna's camp.

The thing is, there are plenty of orphans there. If Madonna is having to talk trash about the grandmother's ability to care for the child, there is clearly some family resistance. If this is altruistic and loving, why focus on one child where there is controversy, when I am sure there are PLENTY of kids who have no family at all to speak of?

chenry said...

No baby for you!

that was too easy.

Tara Parker said...


I stand corrected. But,if the girl's family is willing to take care of her, why is she in an orphanage?

That aside, I still fail to see how this is a clear example of entitlement on Madonna's part.

Brenda said...

The only rule she's violating is not living in the country for 18 months first. I'm sorry, but the idea that a wealthy American should have to live in an African shithole for a year and a half to adopt seems ridiculous to me. Madonna or not, who cares, let the kid leave.

ian in hamburg said...

Give it time. Perhaps the envelopes she's been handing around haven't been thick enough, and she'll have to do it again.

aauais said...

If Madonna really wanted to help out she could adopt a poor child in the good ole US of A.

Of course it is less fashionable for her to adopt a kid from the local barrio or ghetto.

Deacon Blue said...

Tara, I wondered the same thing for a while, but then I realized the reason she might be an orphanage might actually be the same reason that kids in the U.S. sometimes end up in state care for a time but end up back with their families. Temporary problems, concerns of possible abuse that are being investigated, etc. I'm not sure what kind of system that nation has for dealing with kids who are in unstable situations with families and it may be that the orphanage is the way they use. Or it may be that the girl ended up in an orphanage originally without the grandmother's knowledge or consent.

I just think that if you have to beat on family members to get a kid, then you're probably trying to adopt the wrong kid. I'm sure similar things have happened in the U.S. with people trying to adopt kids or take them in when there is a parent or other relative trying to clean up their act and who might get really, really mad at the other person trying to take their relative.

Anonymous said...

She wants to eat kids that damn ugly monster don't let that skank back in Africa