Thursday, April 30, 2009

Listening Post

It's unintentionally become girl-fronted bands week around here.

Anyone who's followed this site long enough knows of my love for an under-the-radar Los Angeles band called the Start. Their debut album, Shakedown, released back in 2001, still gets a lot of play on my iPod; it's one of the most infectious neo-80s pop-rock records you'll likely ever hear. Truly good stuff.

Well, as it turns out, three of the members of the Start -- including lead singer Aimee Echo -- have started a side project called Normandie. And they're not just a damn good band; the early demos they've made available are by and large better than the last Start record.

They're not for sale yet anywhere, but hopefully will be soon. For now, you can hear four songs from Normandie on their MySpace profile here.

And even though I've posted this video once before, I can never get enough of this song -- since it's the one that made me run screaming to anyone who would listen about the Start.

Here's Gorgeous.

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