Thursday, April 09, 2009


And so it begins.

The Huffington Post: Republican Congressman from Alabama Making a List of "Socialists in Congress"/4.9.09


Heather said...

Did someone hit rewind and we're suddenly back to the McCarthy hearings?

Wow, people really don't learn anything from history do they? It wasn't even that long ago!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so this is totally my representative...

I hate my state.

Mart said...

Big deal one list of 17 Congressional socialists.

I've got secret lists of Congress having 58 facists, 190 religous fundamentalists, and 24 extreme wack jobs. And another special list that inludes the quaint ones, including Ron Paul and Dennis Kuchinich (and his new age pierced tongued wife.)

Anonymous said...

There's some kind of witch hunt in every decade.

kanye said...

Let see if I can help the congressman out:
1.Bernie Sanders

-The End-

Deacon Blue said...

I'd bet good money that said congressman couldn't properly DEFINE socialism.

Anonymous said...

on the other hand. i love my state.
for the natural resources.
not the politics so much
second comment after many months of being a watcher

hope you are well

i am thankful for your blog
your thoughts
this outlet that makes me smile

alabama again

Anonymous said...

Wow. Don't these idiots realize how idiotic their idiocy is?

Anonymous said...

I wonderrrrrr if that list be the same list as one that would be a collection of Democrats in Congress? I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Wait, I thought we (or me, a Democrat) was supposed to be the gestapo? Aren't I supposed to be going door-to-door, compiling a list and harassing people?

Anonymous said...

I hope he's checking that list twice to see which of the congressional socialists have been naughty or nice.