Wednesday, April 15, 2009


My parents always said it was mean to laugh at the mentally retarded. And yet...

Seriously, watch this and be astonished at A) how ridiculous these people are, and B) how ably CNN's Susan Roesgen manhandles them.


Stephen said...

As awesome as that is, I have to say Fox owned this story.


Al said...

"He's a fascist"
"Because...he's a fascist"

I find it mildly amusing...and then I consider that these people are our "fellow" Americans. Ignorant of their own ignorance. It's a sad commentary on our nation, frankly.

Julie The Vintage Goddess said...

One of the best quotes I have seen so far from a tea bagger in DC:

Michelle Poland, 33, a project manager from Southern Maryland who subcontracts map-making projects for the federal government, stood on the fringes of the rally with a large hand-painted sign that read, "Tax slavery sucks."

"I'm completely against the way my money is being spent," Ms. Poland said. "If we already have an extreme debt, we shouldn't spend more money."
I love these people, the have been bringing the lulz all day.

SteveR said...

Obama bad.
Fascist bad.
Socialst bad.

So Obama fascist.
He socialist too.
Really bad.

Retarded guy ANGRY!!!!

Anonymous said...

(A follow up question).... : Sir.... do you actually know what "fascist" means??

Chez said...

"Glenn Beck told me what it is!"

Which reminds me, on his show a little while ago, Beck was talking live to some aging redneck who said the following (paraphrasing) to the crazed crowd, slowly and in a very somber drawl: "I'll tell you what, I'm the most non-violent person you'll ever meet. But there comes a time when somethin' has to be done. And when that time's here, you can't hesitate."

Fucking terrifying. Sounds like an incitement to violence if ever I heard one.

Steve Saunders said...

To be fair, I assume most "mentally retarded" people are nice, kind individuals who don't really give a shit about right or left leaning politics.

Now "retarded drunk fools" I can see. where were all these idiots when Bush was jacking up taxes and spending like the Gotti family on a meth binge? Seriously... where? Teabagging other Halo players? Maybe that's it.

And people should be required to know what "fascist" and "socialist" mean before they throw them around like vomit at a frat kegger.

The stupid-- it really fucking burns, folks.

Steve Saunders said...

Well, Chez, I don't think we have anything to fear from Beck and Beck's Bunch of Radical Radicals if we have enough Funyons and donuts to throw at them to keep 'em busy.

Shit. Now I'm hungry.

Damn you, Glenn Beck!!!

(But seriously: Beck doesn't scare me. The folks that think he might be more than a simple entertainer do.)

Anonymous said...

This would be funny if it weren't so fucking terrifying. Are these people actually protesting against the tax cut Obama wants to give them? Because the rich leaders of the Republicans, who are upset because they're rich and won't be getting a tax cut, tell them to be upset? Stupid fucking dupes. Uncritical sheep. I seriously cannot fathom their logic.

Just listening to them regurgitate words that they absolutely do not understand the definitions of is sickening. Obama's both a socialist AND a fascist? Wow! That's quite a trick!

This whole bullshit insanity makes me just sick.

This is Izar Talon... I just can't remember my password to sign in at the moment

Izar Talon said...

A-Ha. Remembered my password. I endorse my above comment and assure you it was indeed mine.

Anonymous said...

I do love how completely retarded people can be. They're all angry and riled up but not sure about what exactly. Obama is a fascist because... he is one! And the fact that they interchange socialist and fascist is just further proof that they have no idea what they're talking about.

Unfortunately its become kind of a social thing now where people seem to think that feeling strongly about something validates it. This applies to a lot of stuff as both people on the right and left wings often make this mistake but its most obvious with the current batch of right wing douchebags.

Chez said...

It just reminds me of the speech that Jayne (the TV character, not my wife) gives at the end of the Firefly episode, Jaynestown.

"Far as I see it, you people been given the shortest end of the stick ever been offered a human soul in this crap-heel 'verse. But you took that end and you -- well, you took it. That's -- well, I guess that's something."

Stephen said...

I kept waiting for the camera pan to stop on one of them and hear, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty."

BonnieBelle said...

It's so obvious that she is about five seconds away from telling them all to shut the fuck up and go back to the mental wards. lol

Jeremy said...

Now, now... There's no need to disparage Conway Twitty by lumping him in with these idjits... at least the folks on Hee-Haw knew they were jokes.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad stupidity isn't painful,like say, falling down the stairs by mistake because you weren't paying attention to your surroundings.

Anonymous said...

Stupid people shouldn't breathe.

Anonymous said...

My favorite new nonsensical quote is:

"the right to share in the fruits of their own labor"

What does that even mean?!?

Community? Individual? I don't know.

Add that to the above noted internal contradiction of "socialist fascist."

I am not Star Jones said...

They are still mad that McCain wasn't able to steal the election last November.

These are people who don't have the balls to just keep saying

So they have to keep throwing out words that they don't even understand as a reason why they are cranky for having to live with a black POTUS.

Frankly, I'm cranky too. I'm tired of these people and their assbackwardness being treated as something that will actually improve life for all of us.

Zeromark said...

...Okay, seriously?
You have the right to protest, people. That's defined constitutionally, and we all know it.

There's not a lot of people who like the bailouts, and that's common knowledge. However, if you're going to get on National Television and have fifteen seconds to address your honest concerns with the current administration, do so intelligently.

This kind of inane protesting, with poorly done Photoshops on posters and incoherent rambling is exactly why you lose any credibility.

This is why being a moderate is so bloody hard. If you have a leaning towards one side or the other on an issue, you're grouped with the worst of that party's lot.

winged unicorn said...

ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages...

presenting, in this three ring circus

and chez, please don't insult the retarded. i know persons with IQs in the 60 to 85 range who make more sense than these clowns and have a more extensive knowledge of history.

hey, anyone notice if there were any 'the holocaust didn't happen' signs? because if POTUS Obama is a fascist, then logically there was no attempted genocide of jews, gays, gypsies, developmentally disabled et al.

you don't see the logic? oh. well. i say it's spinach and i say to hell with it.

celery said...

very scary. but man, do i i wish the american left had acted this quickly and passionately against bush. if ever a leader and his cronies deserved such vitriol and outrage... and not just online.

Anonymous said...

Where to start?

1. Clearly these people are deluded glue-sniffers.
2. Susan Roesgen was EXTREMELY nice to these challenged folks. I would have flipped pretty quickly. She gave them many chances to justify their rants.
3. These idiots breed, so watch out!

Anonymous said...

Funny this is exactly how I felt when W. was in office and now that the tables have turned... I think Jon Stewart said it best when he said: "It's supposed to taste like a shit taco."

L. said...

I love that none of them see it as at all similar to how the other half felt while Bush was in office and doing far more frightening things.

Teabaggers in 2007: "TRAITOR! If you don't agree 100% with (and secretly want to blow) the president, get out of the country."

Teabaggers in 2009: "FASCIST! The socialist president's going to steal our guns and money and if you agree with him you're an idiot. Arm yourselves!"

I mean, when Bush was reelected it hurt my head and heart but still I didn't start organizing a militia.

Alex said...

Maybe I missed something, but doesn't the simple fact of being able to hold these "Tea Parties" keep Obama from being labeled a fascist?

Bill Orvis White said...

Chez, I saw some of that cable network's footage -- they didn't give these rallies any fair and balanced treatment. I had the time of my life last night in Atlanta. On FNC, it all came together like a well-oiled machine at 9 p.m. when Hannity and Joe the Plumber took the stage in front of the Georgia Capitol to tell the world that handouts are over. We're not going to pay high European-style taxes for unnecessary big government programs. I'm here to tell you that liberal policies are on their death bed.
On this post, I have a direct link to my visit to the Atlanta Tea Party. You tax and spend supporters have no clue that we are not free. I don't want the government to tell me what to do with my hard-earned dollars.
God Bless this great nation.
-Bill Orvis White

Elessa said...

How is it that so many people have forgotten the cumulative damage done over the last eight years? sixteen years?

Their focus is on a president who has been in office for four months and he is to blame?

Come on you blinkered dolts, get a frakkin' clue!!!

Bill Orvis White said...

The war in Iraq did not grow the government and create the recession. Sure it was wrong for Mr. Bush to give his entitlements out to lazy seniors and other bloodsuckers, but it was the Dominant Liberal Media Culture and loud left-wing nutcases in Congress who found a weak spot in Mr. Bush that caused him to do it. Just like his daddy, he caved, but we still love him and know that history will be right and find that GHWB and GWB were the two best presidents ever.
Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Pres. Hussein Obama are the ones to blame. I'm tired of hearing about the eight years. Unfortunately, the eight years are over and we're now taking a vacation from history. I know in my heart that we will get back to saving this country soon.

B8ovin said...

You know Mr. White, when I first started reading your comments I thought at first you were just another Repard spouting jingoistic right/wrong wing nonsense. Now sir, I know you are something approaching genius; but NOT going so far as to be an Intellectual Elitist. I have been a life long middle class liberal, but any party that promises me a "vacation from history" has earned my unthinking devotion. From now on I'm against the most fascist fascist that ever fascist-ized.

One thing Mr. White, your heart my have knowledge that this country will be saved, but you perpetrated the sin of neglecting Jesus' role in that saving. God bless America and NO PLACE ELSE.

Anonymous said...

A few of my close friends attended the local TEA party. They are all lovely, seemingly sane people...As long as you don't let them get started on topics remotely political.

All of them were also born and raised Catholic. Coincidence?

Anonymous said...

as funny as this is, aren't reporters supposed to be neutral? she isn't reporting the news, she's disagreeing with it. these people are idiots, i agree. but we do have freedom of speech in this country and the people at CNN shouldn't be the ones to judge.

Lee said...

Anon@6:30 -- yes, we do have freedom of speech in this country. The reporter's attempts to clarify these people's batshit ravings doesn't take the right away. These idiots have the right to rave all day long. Roesgen has the right to call them on it and CNN has the right to air it.

And we're on a "vacation from history"? Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I just think that CNN should REPORT the news, not judge what's going on and clearly disagree with it. It seems like when liberals protest, it's fine, expected even. But right now, the pendulum has swung, and the conservatives are protesting something they disagree with. So what? Why is this so outrageous? I have seen some pretty outrageous liberal demonstrations as well, I have even been a part of a few. I have seen signs with Bush's picture among the pictures of suspected terrorists. What is the difference in calling Bush a terrorist and calling Obama a fascist? I'm liberal, but I can appreciate the other side being angry about something, just as I get angry about things. It's just interesting that it's OK when us liberals want to be obnoxious about something, but it's not OK when conservatives do. Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

I'm all about freedom of speech, but the only reason why these tools are protesting is because Fox told them to. Are Americans that brainwashed?

SteveR said...


Stephen said...

For the record...nothing against Conway. He's (was) the horniest man in country music.