Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Dog and Phony Show

I really hate to continue plastering this site with random quotes, but damn if this gem from Matt Taibbi's new blog over at True/Slant isn't a keeper:

"It’s been strange and kind of depressing to watch the conservative drift in this direction. In a way, actually, the Glenn Beck show has been drearily fascinating of late. It’s not often that we get to watch someone go insane on national television; trapped in an echo chamber of his own spiraling egomania, with apparently no one at his network willing to pull the plug and put him out of his misery, Beck has lately gone from being a mildly annoying media dingbat to a self-imagined messiah who looks like he’s shouldering more and more of the burdens of Christ with each passing day. And because he’s stepping into a vacuum of conservative leadership — there’s no one else out there who is offering real red meat to the winger crowd — he’s begun to attract not professional help but apostles, in the form of Chuck Norris (who believes we have to prepare for armed revolution and may prepare a run for “president of Texas”) and pinhead Midwestern congresswoman Michele Bachmann, a woman who is looking more and more like George Foreman to Sarah Palin’s Joe Frazier in the Heavyweight Championship of Stupid. Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!"

Damn, I love Taibbi.


Peter L. Winkler said...

If Bachman is Frazer to Palin's Foreman, who's Ali?

Anonymous said...

I really wish people wouldn't let dumb words become standard.

For instance, 'pin head'...

What does that mean? nothing, its O'Reilly's way of calling someone a fucking idiot.

Stop playing along and dumbing down the dialog people, call it like you see it, not how some talking head wants you to.

Mart said...

From the "Ramones"

Gabba gabba
We accept you
We accept you
One of us.
I don't wanna be a pinhead no more
I just met a nurse that I could go for.
Everyone's accusing me.

Matt Osborne said...

I have to disagree, though. beck's not insane at all. He's very, very shrewd. This new act is part of Faux Noise's strategy of becoming the rightwing counterculture channel.

Peter L. Winkler said...

"pinhead Midwestern congresswoman Michele Bachmann"

Taibbi isn't such a hot writer. Pinhead is a noun, not a modifier. Pinheaded is.

And using Midwestern as a categorical putdown is adolescent snarkiness, since stupidity isn't unique to one part of this country. Unless all midwesterners are stupid, there is no point in emphasizing Bachmann's point of origin.

Chez said...

Peter --

Taibbi's using the word "pinhead" the way I use "dickhead." I wouldn't say "dickheaded."

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should all start using "dickheaded." I like the sound of that better then "dickhead." For example:

"dickheaded Midwestern congresswoman Michele Bachmann"

See, doesn't that sound better?

Mack said...

Perhaps she's a pinheaded pinhead. Maybe, just maybe.