Monday, April 13, 2009

A Call to Harm

This is seriously the scariest damn thing you'll read all day. Scary -- but not the least bit surprising.

Bob Cesca's Goddamn Awesome Blog! Go!: To Wit/4.13.09


Che Grovera said...

Glenn Beck has come unhinged, pure and simple. The idea that the potential Timothy McVeighs -- who have always been oozing magma-like underground -- are being given a path to the surface by broadcast media is what is truly frightening (as you continue to point out, Chez). I wonder how stressful it must be to work Obama's Secret Service detail these days?

As Jon Stewart so adroitly pointed out last week, these people are confusing tyranny with losing (in a free election of their ostensibly beloved democratic republic). I become more disturbed by the day at the inability of these potentially violent revolutionaries to grasp that the only way to ensure the survival of this republic is for them to come to peaceable terms with operating as a (Constitutionally-protected) minority. Given the grace that they displayed when their guy was in the Oval Office the last eight years, I'm not particularly optimistic...

sherry said...

I really wish you hadn't shared that. Now I'm going to have nightmares.

B8ovin said...

It will be interesting to see the "Party of Life" react to this. I recall Bill O'Reilly making a fuss about insulting and disgusting (but generally non-violent) comments on Daily Kos, insisting that these reader comments were official statements of the site itself. Given that Beck is a fellow FOXian Crazoid, I don't imagine this horribly delusional comment will sour his mother fucking iced tea.

I recently read a story concerning a parishioner at one of those huge mega-churches in Florida. He started a blog to post his concerns about the direction of the church, in particular the monetary spending of his new pastor. The pastor hired a private detective to investigate the blog, and this detective was able to secure a writ from a judge(!) forcing Google to divulge the man's name. The blogger was summarily banned from the church (Christianity! FUCK YEAH!). Given these particulars I imagine federal officers will have no problem getting the judicial help they need to track down the web addresses of this madman.

Also of importance are certain legal issues. It is illegal to threaten the President or any member of Congress or to ignore any such threat. In short, the comment breaks the law in and of itself. Beck's web site and everyone who has read the comment are legally bound to report the threat to officials. If his web admins. haven't done this he could be in trouble. By the way, this culpability is a direct result of internet laws passed by conservatives in their war on pornography.

VOTAR said...

I remember, once, when we were sitting on the living room floor of your apartment getting high, "Abby" was expressing her concern over fringe neo-nazi groups here in America, and how they should be taken more seriously.

I remember dismissing her worries, because as I thought at the time, these are just oddball kooks with bizarre theories who are best left to their mountainside survivalist camps in Arkansas. Then the roll kicked in and I'm sure I don't remember much after that.

A few weeks thereafter, I remember watching the aftermath of Oklahoma City, while sitting on the floor in your apartment getting high. Sure enough, her worries were confirmed, and I stood corrected.

The moral of this story? I dunno, but I sure do miss sitting on the floor in your apartment getting high.

Anonymous said...

"Abby" is still right. The problem with these groups is they only grow larger by the day. Fear is an easy sell.

Also, damn you for making me crave, Votar!