Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Who Watches the Newsmen?

I honestly have better things to do these days than constantly pick on CNN, but Jacki Schechner sent me the numbers from Monday night's cable news prime time lineup and, well, damn.


Mr. Controversy said...

So the right wing blowhards have the biggest audience, but complain about the "Fairness Doctrine"? Hmm...nope, can't say I see the hypocrisy in that. Though these rose colored glasses really do seem to make everything brighter.

Bill White said...

Chez, I was one of those watching FOX. I'm going to be as objective as possible here when I write that this is the beginning of the end for this president. I just wrote on my blog that there will be a new president this time next year. Chez, I'm praying that this far-left, runaway spending agenda will be stopped. This president wrecked the economy and now he has to answer for it to the country, God and Jesus. We are lurching more and more towards a country that will be like Secular Europe where big government takes over everything. Government needs to be a partner with our churches that can do a lot more good than Big Brother. The churches can get men jobs and teach about right and wrong. I fear for what's coming, but I know in the back of my mind that we (and including SPs like you) will see the light and do the right thing by taking it all back.

Heather Hansma said...

I always laugh when people use "secular" in a negative manner. To me, secular is the ideal.

Ben said...

Bill White, you are what is wrong with America. When you invoke Jesus and God in a political setting you mark yourself as a piece of shit that does not deserve to live in America. Go read your bible and please for fucks sake don't vote in coming elections.

QuickBrownFox said...

LOL. Bill's comments never fail to be highly comical. He's like another Stephen Colbert! Brilliant!

Kel said...

Think about it.. Republicans lost the majority in the House and Senate, and have now lost the White House. They feel under siege, and need Fox News to get that warm, fuzzy feeling.. and Fox News gives them exactly what they want.

Anonymous said...

so, yeah, about those numbers...

Anonymous said...

Bill, in big government America, president don't wreck economy, economy wrecks you. George W. Bush '08: Stay the course, ooohhh.

Anonymous said...

Bill White:

This president wrecked the economy and now he has to answer for it to the country, God and Jesus.

Gosh Bill, how soon you forget your boy Dubya spent eight years wrecking the economy. Unfortunately he'll never answer to us, God or Jesus. Keep toeing that Republican line, Bill. You and your ilk are the reason we're in this mess.

Jeremy said...

I love the satire from "Bill White", but what is honestly scary is that while I'm positive he is being satirical, he sounds so much like what I overhear people saying everyday.
Especially the "the President has ruined this economy (that he inherited 3 months ago)" statements.

Bill White said...

We were on a good course under GWB:
1. Taxes were low
2. God was at the schoolhouse steps ready to re-enter
3. Mr. Cheney was keeping his cellar cooler by staying down in it longer while doing patriotic work for our country.
4. The surge was working and I'm not talking about the kind of surge that I was doing with Delores on Saturday nights in my shed.
5. I was able to dump my sludge wherever and whenever I wanted.
6. We had a real he-man leader in the honorable Donald Rumsfeld who should serve under future President Huckabee.
7. We had no secular progressive food inspectors rifling through our meat processing plants.
8. We had hope for home schooling through patriotic voucher programs so that one day we will not have government-run schools.
9. More folks were able to buy pick-up trucks, SUVs and Hummers. It's all about choice folks.
10. There was a culture of life whereby W fought for the rights of the unborn and innocent. Now there's a president who mocks the disabled and unborn.

Y'all, it's patriotic to suck it up and deal with whatever life throws at you. Unless you're an achiever like a banker or country-loving conservative radio talk show host, don't ask the government for money that's not yours! See, life is easy. You work hard and you will see the benefits. Y'all would agree with me if you moved down here to Mississippi where the guvner rewards you. God Bless you godless readers of Chez. Love, Bill Orvis White

Elessa said...

interestingly it is an economy whose downfall was foretold ten years ago.

i saw this on boing boing earlier today.

"This is from the NYTimes from November, 1999. The article is titled, "Congress Passes Wide-Ranging Bill Easing Bank Laws" about the repeal of Glass-Steagall a Depression-Era law to separate bankers and brokers:

"'I think we will look back in 10 years' time and say we should not have done this but we did because we forgot the lessons of the past, and that that which is true in the 1930's is true in 2010,'' said Senator Byron L. Dorgan, Democrat of North Dakota. "'I wasn't around during the 1930's or the debate over Glass-Steagall. But I was here in the early 1980's when it was decided to allow the expansion of savings and loans. We have now decided in the name of modernization to forget the lessons of the past, of safety and of soundness.'""

kanye said...

Coming at this from a different angle.

If I'm reading this correctly, at it's peak hour (8pm), cable news reaches two million out of a possible 125 million (1.6%) people in the 25-54 age demographic.

I'm not a statistician, but I believe the appropriate term one would use to describe cable news' total reach would be "statistically insignificant". While CNN's slice of the slice of the pie has dropped to the point of irrelevancy, the original slice that all cable news feeds off of is minuscule. Ultimately, they're all fighting for table scraps.

To put it in perspective, Spongebob Squarepants regularly outperforms all cable news.

Here's what this chart really tells us about what cable news really is: it's an easy sell. It's ideology-confirming chat shows for the already convinced. It's cult-of-personality driven infomercials whose revenues are almost solely dependent upon the amount of audience-affirming bombast that each host can generate.

It also shows what cable news is not: relevant.

If Jon Klein were to ask my advice on how to improve ratings, I'd tell him to hire Vince Offer and Billy Mays for the 8pm and 9pm slots. Sure, it wouldn't be news, but it's already not news...and it would be profitable.

Deacon Blue said...

That reminds me, Bill...there's a pile of sludge out in back of my house with a credit card receipt (among other garbage) sticking out of it showing the name Delores White.

I don't know how you got that toxic waste all the way up here from Mississippi, but I would appreciate it if you'd reclaim it.

Anonymous said...

Why do people always get into a heated political debate over cable news ratings? BTW, what is going on at CNN? HLN is beating them during primetime? Damn. That's pretty bad.