Wednesday, March 04, 2009

"Those People Were Overjoyed"

How much have things changed now that Barack Obama's president?

There's actually a Death Cab for Cutie reference on the White House website. Transatlanticism/3.3.09

(h/t Cesca)


Benoit from Ottawa said...

Subject shift: In the "the more things change, the more they stay the same" category, see the brand new site set up by Mockarena, of the Mock Dock:

Really giving the new administration such a break.

Anonymous said...

To be fair the Bush White House did have several timely and humorous references to the Andrews Sisters.

Also Jesus.

Jeremy Feist said...

Hot damn is that ever cool! This makes me incredibly happy right now, since I've been listening to Ben Gibbard's duet with Feist from the Dark Was The Night compilation album. Train Song for the win, bitches!

dk said...

Love it! (I had to look it up to make sure it wasn't a real word. Google's only definition is:Transatlanticism is an album by Death Cab for Cutie. It is their fourth LP and eighth record release. So it is as Chez says!)