Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Sacrilege


Deacon Blue said...

Halle-fucking-llujah, dog! He is some hot stuff, ain't he?

Really, though, J.C. is supposed to be the solution for AVOIDING any sizzling sensations, so I don't quite get this one.

I really hate it when churches try too hard to act hip, especially if "missionary" and "Baptist" are in the name, because that doesn't make me think young, happening congregation...

Beth said...

What does that even mean?

Anonymous said...


Ref said...

...And a terrorist fist-bump fo' the REV!

VOTAR said...

My my my message
Hits ya so hawd,
Makes ya say "Oh my LAWD!"
Thank you
For blessing me
With a crown of thorns
and a flock of sheep.

It's bad,
And you're in danger
Just a supafly homeboy
From the manger
It's meat, as such
And this is the meat
You can't touch!

U can't eat this!
(It's Friday, homeboy)
U can't eat this!
(Why u kneelin' there, man?)
U can't eat this!
(Yo! Ring da bell, it's suppa time, sucka!)

~To the tune of M.C. Hammer "Can't Touch This."

~lyrics (c)1990 by Ken Surloff

Anonymous said...

The reason for the season?