Monday, March 23, 2009

Quote of the Week (Early Contender)

"So it's time to admit it: We're fools, protagonists in a kind of gruesome comedy about the marriage of greed and stupidity. And the worst part about it is that we're still in denial — we still think this is some kind of unfortunate accident, not something that was created by the group of psychopaths on Wall Street whom we allowed to gang-rape the American Dream."

-- Matt Taibbi

Rolling Stone: "The Big Takeover" by Matt Taibbi/3.19.09


Bill White said...

Those who created this mess are the deadbeats who went out and got loans that they couldn't afford. It's funny how these bloodsuckers who say they can't feed their families, are very fat and live in big houses. Don't blame those who achieved to run our good American companies and manage our money. They paid their dues and deserve their earnings. I know what you bedwetters are going to write back here. Save yerselves the time and go look for a job at Walmart. I have to do some invoicing and after that, I have to find out the money to pay the government. Yes, I have to write a check because I cannot write anything off. No one's giving poor Bill any help - except the spiritual kind from his church. C'mon y'all, you know what church is, don't ya? It's starts with a "c" and ends in an "h."

chenry said...

I think it's important to point this out:
AIG bailout: 170 billion = 170,000 million
AIG bonuses: 156 million

156/170,000 = 0.00092 = 0.092%

Yeah, paying bonuses to someone who fucked up is a pretty dumb idea. But all this call for suicides and lynchings and whatnot? Over 0.1%?

We have a long way to go to get th economy back from the brink and I just feel like we're wasting time on AIG.

SteveR said...

The article should be nailed to the door of the NYSE.

Anonymous said...

bill white. self-fellating as always. probably a big bed wetter himself.

Anonymous said...

chenry - it's not about the percentage of the bailout they're using, it's that they're getting a bonus at all. People are fed up with the idea that despite a company failing so badly that it threatens to collapse the entire financial system, the people in charge have the audacity to give themselves a present for their substandard work.

It's a culture of entitlement that demands a giant public outrage to say enough.

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely the best article I've read concerning the financial situation of America to date.

I can't believe we're reduced to relying on The Daily Show and Rolling Stone for REAL journalism.

Bill White said...

Ah, just keep the filthy word coming at me. God will judge you for those misdeeds. That's what I mean about right and wrong. It's that clear. That's why we have The 10 Commandments. The problem is that they cannot be displayed anywhere.So, what did we get: utter disrespect. It all started in the 1960s when they kicked God and Baby Jesus out of the schools. So keep on lying that I treat my body with such disrespect. Whenever I get lust in my pants, I get myself fixed. It might mean the use of boiling water or I'll whup myself with my ole leather belt.
Remember, I love you all. God Bless, Bill Orvis White

dick_gozinia said...

(I apologize in advance to Bill if his persona is a parody, because if it is then he's brilliant.)

Holy hell....fuck you Bill. You just missed the point of that article by a million fucking miles. Corporate greed, aggressive deregulation and the unchallenged proliferation of mega-banks is what fucked this country and a lot of others...and not just the pussified, Obama-fellating liberals like Chez and most of his readers (sorry guys) but dumb inbred back country fucks like you and moderately insane libertarian-leaning wingnuts like me too.

And considering that you're a self-righteous good ole boy who don't think 'fore he speak, you probably didn't even take the time to read the large portion of the article you probably would 100% agree with - the part where he talks about how they should just let these mega-banks fold and pump this horseshit bailout money into the small community banks that really need it and didn't clusterfuck our entire economy.

And to anyone that's not completely galled and disgusted with your taxpayer money being used to pay even 1 cent of bonus money to the people that already spent billions of dollars on lobbyists and campaign contributions to buy your congressmens' votes just so they could deregulate the industry and run these rampant, unchecked money laundering schemes - SHAME THE FUCK ON YOU. You should be furious. You should be "burn a building down" furious.

If you're not, then you're not even a true American in my book.

Deacon Blue said...

All right, it may be that the psychopaths on Wall Street gang-raped the American Dream. But isn't it kind of her fault...just a little...for dressing so sexy to begin with?

Mart said...

Mr. B. O. White,

Read the part where the fed has printed and handed to the banks three trillion under the table to non-disclosed locations. Nobody knows where it went, and nobody is allowed to ask. If asked, they won't tell. Nobody is accounting for it.

If your God exists, I hope he has mercy on all us little folks. People that own their house and people that have never missed a mortgage payment and have had their home value drastically reduced. With forclosures on the rise there is no end to asset depletion in sight. I hope he has mercy on people ready for retirement with their 401K slashed, and mercy to folks sending kids to college on their slaughtered 529's. Mercy of course to dumb ass speculators who house flipped w/ ARMS thinking the bubble could never burst, and even those crooked Acorn people.

I do hope your God has a special place in hell for the elite bastards and their political enablers who conspired to commit these crimes.

chenry said...

James - I don't deny the bonuses are retarded. They don't deserve them. But unfortunately, the bonuses are written right into the contract. AIG is legally bound to pay these things out, and if they didn't, they could be sued. And then AIG would be using American Tax Payer Dollars to defend themselves and possibly pay even more than the 0.092% they are now.

Yes, the bonuses are completely and utterly retarded. AIG following the contracts is hardly a defense, it's just a reason.

Nevermind the kind of president the 90% tax rate thing will set, or the possibly side-effects we'll see in the future. I'm not a lawyerin' type person, but isn't the special tax rate kind of unconstitutional?

Anonymous said...

Bill White is just an icon. He represents the voluminous turd that is the extreme right. If you want to know what those knee-jerk idiots think (and do) just read Bill (or worse go to his blog). They use religion and invoke the idolatrous idea of God and Jesus (what more than one God?) to justify ignominious deeds.

Deacon Blue said...

It's a gray area in many ways, Chenry, but one could also argue that bailout money is meant to put the company back in order and to free up capital that needs to start getting back into the economy...not to pay bonuses for screw-ups.