Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Quote of the Week (Continued)

"My intent was not to go after Rush. I have enormous respect for Rush Limbaugh. I was maybe a little bit inarticulate... There was no attempt on my part to diminish his voice or his leadership."

-- Supposed actual head of the Republican Party Michael Steele, apologizing for referring to Rush Limbaugh as a mere "entertainer" whose rhetoric is "ugly and incendiary," and apparently forgetting the incredibly derogatory term for an African-American who subserviently cowers before a fat, white, powerful racist asshole

(Seriously, at the risk of offending quite a few people, the man may as well bug his eyes out and start carrying a shoe-shine box after this.)


Tracer Bullet said...

Play that banjo, Mike, show them gums.

On one level, I'm all for the GOP opening its collective asshole for Rush's tuna can because while he appeals to the Republican base (which consists entirely of men like Eric Endicott and their mates), he doesn't appeal to anyone else. But I am afraid that core of lunatics really will try to start an armed revolution.

Jeremy Feist said...

You have got to be kidding me. The guy had a chance to stand up to Rush Limbaugh and show that he has some convictions, and be backs down? Jesus Christ, did he rip off his own balls and hand them over too?

And while I'm ranting, would someone please explain to me how Obama failing would benefit America in any way? I don't give a shit if you like him or not, we're in the middle of a fucking economic crisis here. Now's not the time for your petty ass "Us v. Them" bullshit.

Anonymous said...

The GOP is filled with people who are bigger tools than Carson Daly. That's hard to believe.

Man up already!

Che Grovera said...

Has any scientist-type out there undertaken a study of the Republican brain to see why it has such a gaping chasm between cause and effect? Their guy hasn't been out of office two months now, yet apparently nothing that he did in the preceding eight years was in any way responsible for the current crisis (it's those damn Clintons!) -- and to the extent they acknowledge that there is a crisis their "solution" would be more of the same!

The fault lines have never been clearer, both in and out of the Republican Party. Their unholy alliance between the greedy and the stupid has pretty effectively evicted any thinking people who had wandered into their tent. The ones who are left are loudly and obnoxiously unwilling to even consider the possibility that a) their philosophy got us into our current predicament, and b) any other philosophy could get us out. I believe psychologists refer to that as denial. Thus, I share Tracer Bullet's concern when the armed and delusional start speaking in terms of revolution...

Deacon Blue said...

Based on what I've seen on the African-American blogs, Chez, I think most of the people with brown skin pretty much figure Steele should just drop pretense and get to jigging for the man altogether. So I doubt your closing comment will offend anyone who isn't a staunch black rethuglican.

SteveR said...

Man, this proves it: Republicans think African-Americans with backbone are uppity. So they hire one who knows his place.

Jeremy, any benefit to America is irrelevant to the Republicans. They have shown that all they care about is getting back in power to serve themselves.

So what does Limbaugh have on all these people?

Anonymous said...

What's fascinating about this is that Steele not only bowed to Limbaugh, but in doing so to the narrative that Rahm and other Dems have been painting for weeks now. You'd think that the Republicans would be smart enough to do a little back room dealing where the alleged leader of the RNC could make a mild statement to deflate the Dem's gleeful "Rush in charge" accusations. If Limbaugh ignored Steele, would his dittoheads real have cared that much?

Is there any explanation to how this played out that doesn't confirm Limbaugh is a big fat baby? How can the party that always lectures us on how "character matters" idolize this guy? It's the basic dishonesty of conservatism writ large. XXL, in this case.

Jeremy said...

What does Limbaugh have on all these people?
My guess is photos of them with bottles of Oxycontin and crushed pills on the table in front of them, straws up their noses, and underage boys on their laps (in his party-pad, of course.)

Just a guess.

Kristina said...

I caught the tail end of an NPR piece yesterday about how the New Deal created a bunch of life long Democrats who believed in the good that government is capable of. They then talked about the fear that R's have right now that Obamas plan might work, and therefore create a whole new generation of democrats and they might be sabotaging this administrations policies in a selfish effort to maintain supporters. Aren't these the same people who were so quick to label people as America-haters? I'm pretty sure wanting people out of work, out of their homes and with no healthcare just so you can keep your seat is worse than opposing the war...but that's just me.

Vermillion said...

The NEW Republican Party: where a black man CAN make a difference.*

*As long as said "difference" doesn't really change anything, and said black man knows to knuckle under for a radio show host when the time comes. Oh, and he doesn't get the idea to run for President. That is what that red-dot Indian and the chick are for.

kanye said...

"Michael Steele: you sir, are a clown, a well dressed clown. You only got to run for Senate because you had black skin to offer your white patrons. At no point have you ever stood with black people, protected them. Instead, like the lowest race hustling slug, you lied about your party affiliation, who supported you, everything you could.


Because you are a mediocre man, a man who serves the needs of others, even at the cost of his dignity. You solicited criminals, shucked and jived for Bush and lied on your own people for your own personal gain. You have earned this defeat and the return to ignominy that you deserve."
--Steve Gilliard 11/08/06

This isn't Steele's first go around. In 2005, he announced his intention to run for the Senate in Maryland. It was obvious what the Republican Party was trying to pull, but the media (bloggers included) danced around the subject.

Not Gilly, though. He put up a picture of Steele done up in minstrel paint and wrote a post titled " Simple Sambo Wants to Move to the Big House."

Talk about a shit storm. Publicly, Steele and the Republican Party went into full persecution mode. Behind the scenes, they worked their connections and got most of Steve's advertising pulled.

This was a big deal, Steve lived off of his advertising and it would have been easy to cave, but he never did. Instead, he let them have their moment and right when they had dug their hole about as deep they could, Steve played his hole card, "You do know that I'm black?"

After that, Steve went on the offensive. He started giving interviews and he eviscerated Steele. Not through hyperbole, but by simply pointing out the obvious truths...Steve did that as well as anyone I've ever read, the man swung a declarative sentence like a Scottish claymoor.

Steele's financial backers freaked. They wanted no part of this spotlight and backed away, publicly. Without real money behind him, Steele's chances were done.

That's how weak this clown is, that the whole Republican is right now. They can be taken out by one guy tapping away at a keyboard in a one-bedroom in Brooklyn. They are so fucked.

I am not Star Jones said...

Why does Michael Steele not have one relative to pull him aside and tell him he's making a fool of himself?

Maybe his ex-brother in law Mike Tyson could help?