Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pulling Weed

Any more questions as to why a supposedly irreverent news-comedy show on CNN would be doomed from the start?

Media Bistro-TVNewser: CNN Edits Out Marijuana Segment from D.L. Hughley's Final Show/3.26.09


Anonymous said...

The argument for legalizing marijuana for recreational and industrial is compelling. Even stupid people get it.

Just looking at it from a financial standpoint, legalizing marijuana would pay for TARP in a single decade, and this is ONLY from recreational use, not even industrial benefits. ($44 billion NOT spent per year, $33 billion GAINED per year)

The benefits from industrial use basically boil down to: The sky's the limit. I quote as examples: "textiles, plastics, food, beer, paper, oil and other products".

Just think about these industries and the possible jobs, revenue, cool new (and old) products and of course taxes which could be made possible. I'm sure the spirit of American invention would only increase the potential of this versatile material (or plant or herb, if you prefer).

That's not counting the lowered homicide/violence and immigrant rate, improved public safety and health, and funds on the federal, state, and city level going toward more productive projects instead of busting those hungry, happy, sleepy potheads.

Also, since marijuana has never been proven as a cause of death (directly, from the drug itself), if you regulate DUIs the same as alcohol, it's really hard to see where or how legal marijuana is a bad thing. Hell, make the legal age 18 (you can smoke at 18, right? That kills over 450,000 per year!) and you might even LOWER the amount of people dying from cigarettes and alcohol.

Also, can we please kill the annoying "Reefer Madness" crap such as "Marijuana is a gateway drug!"

Please. Anybody who's ever actually "inhaled" (Go Dubya, smartest thing you ever did, in office or not) knows you actually want to do other drugs LESS while using.

Oh, I also heard (like, a long time ago) that marijuana has medical benefits.

Marijuana makes sense, cents, and scents. What's not to love?

Darek said...

CNN can't be in on the joke because they are the joke.

Anonymous said...

Cnn cannot promote marijuana use because it would interfere with their new marketing techniques. For example, many people have uttered the phrase "Was I high, or was CNN doing some hologram shit during the election?" Also "Am I high or is CNN firing all its experienced reporters while spending lavishly on ludicrous graphics?"

If the answer to those questions is "Dude, you were high" that means CNN doesn't get credit for its actions. They want the answer to be "Nah man, you weren't high, they actually did that!"