Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prompter Discourteous

I don't write about politics quite as much as I used to, and with good reason: There's so much outright insanity coming from the far-right these days that if I let it get to me and chose to rail against it, I'd never get anything else done.

Case in point, the latest "scandal" cooked up and milked dry by the relatively small but painfully loud contingent of Fox-fed crazies: the fact that Barack Obama uses a teleprompter.

To call this supposed controversy a non-story would be an insult to water-skiing squirrels. I'd get into exactly why it's so thoroughly ridiculous -- such a desperate and laughable grasp at straws from a Republican party looking for anything to hang around the neck of a popular opposition president -- but Bob Cesca hit all the notes on this subject perfectly in his latest piece for the Huffington Post.

The fact is that reading a prepared statement from a teleprompter is no different than reading from notes written on a couple of sheets of paper sitting atop a podium -- each being something that president after president has done for years. And yet, in a move that's mind-boggling in its ironic absurdity, given that they spent eight years making excuses for the most ineloquent and incurious president in modern history and four months supporting a moron from Alaska who could barely string a coherent sentence together, there are people out there claiming that Obama's use of a prompter somehow proves he's a Stepford-esque blank slate.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you paranoid psychopath Glenn Beck:

"So I mean, it really bothers me, this teleprompter. It bothers me that this man doesn’t -- this man is always on prompter. You want to talk about a Manchurian candidate -- that’s it! Who’s writing every word for this man? Is it bothering anyone else but me? We have a fraud in office, at least that’s the way it feels to me."

Aside from the fact that Glenn's been forgetting to take his meds again, what this hysterical statement proves is that the extremists on the right aren't just out of ideas for the country -- they can't even come up with a respectable point of contention in the face of their adversaries. Really? The use of the mysterious alien technology known as a "teleprompter" makes Obama a threat to our American way of life? That's all you've got?

You know what's really funny?

Ten bucks says Beck read this nonsense off -- you guessed it -- a prompter.

Please folks, come up with something decent to rally around -- something besides teleprompters, "Going Galt" and that idiotic "Tea Bag Revolution." Otherwise, shut the fuck up and let the rest of us get back to our lives of trying to feed our families while paying to bail out the companies whose unregulated, Bush-era greed sunk this country.

(h/t Cesca)


Cpt Clown said...

"Ten bucks says Beck read this nonsense off -- you guessed it -- a prompter."

Nice. :-)
Yeah, if you want to know why using a teleprompter for a speech is a good idea, try reading the transcript of Rush Limbaugh's incoherent ranting at that Conservative event a couple weeks ago...

Good lord, it was incoherent, confusing, rambling, and useless. (Of course, I think that's how Rush's shtick gets by... because he acts like he's starting to make a point, then trails off before he has to prove what he said, and then starts another topic. (But I digress...)

Bill White said...

There's nothing more simple than the fact that this president is being spoon-fed words from radical leftists like that Ayers fella. I can just picture that liberal Communist sitting backstage with a bomb in one hand and the prompter in the other -- pumping in lies to the American people.

When W ran things, he knew all of his subjects inside and out so he spoke like a plain person to the public. Wake up you McFlys! Dubya didn't need someone to tell him anything. His words were his! His decisions were his! W called for low taxes so he told the American people that he was sending them checks because it was their money, not the government's. W told Saddam and his thug sons to get out of Iraq in 48 hours. They didn't budge so W took his hardware and penetrated the evildoers' territory. I'm sorry, but W served the office of president with grace, truth, honor,respect and dignity. I'm afraid it's gone until President Huckabee is sworn in. I'm counting down the days.

Now, we have an inexperienced left-wing intellectual secular progressive running the free world! I heard that he comes into the Oval Office all dressed down. That's disrespectful to the office. The left-wing media is gloating that he's reinventing the presidency. The Founding Fathers never wanted the office to be reinvented. That's sacreligious pure and simple! The president needs to have full power without anyone arguing with him. Patriotic President Nixon tried to restore that power and serve honorably, but the liberal Congress and media ran him out of town. Dubya picked up where Mr. Nixon left off, but now I'm afraid it's all being undone. I'm more scared than ever. This is all beyond dangerous.

xoch said...

oh my fucking god, these people are beyond brainless. Turds are literally smarter than this.

I'm supposing they assume the faux news audience doesn't know what a teleprompter is or how common it is. I'd find that hard to believe, but anybody who watches FN in earnest can't be trusted to know his ass from the hand he scratches it with, right? Just an example of how Faux uses their client's ignorace to ass-fuck 'em.

btw, "To call this supposed controversy a non-story would be an insult to water-skiing squirrels", priceless.

Anonymous said...

How much could we sell tin foil hats for to these idiots?

Anonymous said...

Chez, you would know better than I, but I assume when Obama gives press conferences and answers questions from reporters he is NOT, in fact, reading off a prompter. So if people want to know how he does offprompter all they have to do is look at press conferences. Two of those have been televised during primetime so far.

Problem solved?

Oh right. This wasn't actually a problem. It was a made up controversy. Those are never solved.

Anonymous said...

bill white. again showing everyone what truly idiotic people the right-wing religious are. thank you bill. you never fail to entertain us with your self-fellating gyrations. the religious right should be proud they have such an obvious pervert as you in their ranks.

Anonymous said...

No one comments on Bill White's blog, so Chez is "kind" enough to let him comment here just so we can all see what a retard Bill truly is.

Bill White is the definition of a Neo-con troll.

Pants said...

"but W served the office of president with grace, truth, honor,respect and dignity."

It's so weird. I used to think those words meant the exact opposite of what George Bush did...

VOTAR said...

ELKHART INDIANA, February 9, 2009

"I want to start by thanking Ed for coming here today and sharing his family's story with all of us.

"You know, we tend to take the measure of the economic crisis we face in numbers and statistics. But when we say we've lost 3.6 million jobs since this recession began -- nearly 600,000 in the past month alone."

"We're talking about folks who've lost their livelihood and don't know what will take it's place. Parents who've lost their health care and lie awake nights praying their kids don't get sick..."


"Let's go...start again"

"Coming out of the introduction. Play the introduction, ok. Please..."

"Too many... Come out of those goddamn up-tempo numbers, man, It's impossible to make those transitions. Then you gotta go into the kids dying?!"

"Goddamn it if we can't come out of slow introductions. I don't understand it, Why aren't we doing these basketball game photo-ops, too? Do we got 'em?"

"Will somebody find the goddamn answer?"

"Is Don on the phone?"


"I want a goddamn concerted effort to come out of an introduction, that isn't a..."

"...a fucking up-tempo... every time I do a goddamn ...
DEATH Dedication!"

"This is the last goddamn time. I want somebody to use his fucking brain to not come out of a goddamn introduction that is a ... up-tempo, and I gotta talk about a fucking kid dying!!!"

"What is this... this is fucking ponderous, man..."

"Fucking ponderous."

chenry said...

If Mr. White opens his mouth wide enough, I think you can see Rush's hand at the back of his throat.

Anonymous said...

Nothing much ever changes in politics. This is simply a role reversal of the same stuff Democrats used to throw at Reagan. It used to frustrate Democrats to no end that Reagan was such an effective communicator, to the point where Reagan was always more popular than his policies actually were. Similarly, polling now finds that Obama is more popular than his policies are. Like Reagan, though, Obama is effectively using his popularity, incredible communications skills and the "bully pulpit" of the Presidency to move his legislative agenda forward.

Democrats always hated that they couldn't get the kind of traction they wanted against Reagan, even when Reagan was advocating policies they knew weren't wildly popular with the public. Today, the GOP is similarly frustrated that they can't seem to lay a glove on the President despite the fact that polls show they might have a policy opening to do so.

Again, politics is cyclical. Every Democrat who had to grit his or her teeth through the 80s should be enjoying every minute of this.

kate said...

uhh...bill white's comment was CLEARLY satire. i just read a few of his blog posts, too, after anon 12:43 mentioned that he had one. how does one NOT realize that his post on the academy awards, for example ( is SATIRE? anon 12:43, pants, and chenry--in all seriousness--are you guys retarded?

kanye said...

You can't put this all on the Right. The only reason that this kind of crap gets any traction at all is because there exists a particular subset of Obama supporters who insist on deifying the man. The kind of people who get all tingly in the nether regions at the mere mention of his name; the kind of people who fly into a blind rage at the slightest criticism. The batshit-crazies exist on both sides not independently, but symbiotically.

The truth is that the man delivers prepared text better than when he speaks off the cuff. Give him a speech and he's silky smooth. He modulates like a trained Shakespearian and he has full command of the podium. Catch him off guard or with something outside his expertise and he "uh-um-uhs" like a sputtering motorcycle, "I-I-I's" like Nick Heyward singing "Love Plus One".

So what? That's every good public speaker that I've ever met. And in the end, who really cares? Certainly not the majority of us, those who live comfortably (and sanely) between the fringes. Just more noise distracting us from actual problems.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for channelling Casey Kasem.

Anonymous said...

What makes this all the funnier is that a lot of the Faux News talking heads (and others in their milieu) seem to be in competition with each other over who can come up with the best-phrased insult to fling at the President.

All these carefully-crafted soundbites, which they gleefully read off their... um... uh... electric word-prompty doohickey. (That's the plain-spoken-and-folksy translation of the English term 'teleprompter').

The result, of course, is akin to having 20-30 irritating Twitter posts versus one well-thought-out and reasoned blog post.

It's sort of pathetic, watching all of them. They scurry around making their little power plays, staking their claims for beta (Limbaugh is pretty much undisputed alpha), each trying to portray themselves as a truly original thinker, the enfant terrible of their movement. Most of them are just plain terrible, of course.

Also - and only tangentially related - has anyone else noticed that Ann Coulter has a more prominent Adam's apple than Anderson Cooper does?

Bill White said...

Dear Anonymous, Chez allows my accurate commentary on his blog because he loves me and has Jesus deep down in his coddled secular progressive mind. What you're witnessing here is a bond. I love Chez just like I love my bible study buddy Ernie. He's a handsome African-American man with a muscular build, thick Coke bottle glasses and a beautiful chin. His wife Dinah is beautiful, too.So, I don't have those obscene feelings for Ernie or Chez. My point is that Chez and ole Bill White are worlds apart, but are connected through this blog 'cause we discuss the issues of the day. Chez is a secular progressive and I'm a traditionalist, but if he found the meaning of Baby Jesus, he would be right here with Delores,Dale, Kyle and busted-up Bill-- praying for our country. Amen. It's dinner time in Hattiesburg. Del, that baked chicken smells good! Bring it over to my work desk! Gotta go, but just remember, this is all about love. There's no hate in this ole Southern boy. -Bill Orvis White

Chez said...

Amen to that, Bill.

Trixi said...

Bill White is teh awesome. Face it, he said, "patriotic President Nixon." The man is genius. We've been played. He's almost better than Colbert, really.

Pants said...

If it is then well played! But honestly, with all the poop that has been flung from the far right recently it is kind of hard to tell who's kidding and who is not. I wish they were all kidding...

Bill White said...

Thank you Trixi. You just made an old man with bad knees who climbs through human waste on a regular basis -- very happy. I have a great verse here that's on a daily prayer site which is at the top of my bookmarks, "Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. Psalm 105:4." I try to do that when I'm on my belly in overalls looking for my dang wrench that I dropped into a Hattiesburg sewer. When I think I found the Lord's face after picking up my lucky wrench, the Lord's face looks somewhat like Rush's, only with poop on it. What does that mean?

God Bless you, Bill Orvis White