Friday, March 27, 2009

Listening Post

You've gotta love the Vines. Their debut album was called Highly Evolved, and yet they haven't really evolved at all in the seven years since that release. Their first two singles were Get Free and Outtathaway, and now their new single, from the album Melodia, is a combination of both those titles: Get Out.

Oh yeah, and as always it doesn't even break the two-and-a-half minute mark.

You know what, though? It's a great fucking song anyway.


slouchmonkey said...

Always dug their F-YOU Aussie attitude.

Artemisian said...

As an Australian, I salute this post. Used to play these guys a fair bit when I was back on radio.

One thing though: am I the only person around who feels that The Vines are so like early Beatles turned to rock? It's the same basic melodies, catchy, danceable. I mean, hell, listen to Ride. It stinks of McCartney, and in a good way, if that's possible.