Thursday, March 19, 2009

Listening Post

You've got to hand it to Mae -- they've hit on a really clever way to both get their new music out there and help a few people in the process. After splitting with Capitol records, they're releasing a new song every month in 2009, making it available for a dollar a download, and donating the profits to various charities.

This was the first song released this year; the video features a news report of Mae helping out Habitat for Humanity in their home state of Virginia. The song itself begins at about the minute-and-a-half mark, and it's as cool and catchy as anything from the band's last album, Singularity.

Here's The House that Fire Built.

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Donal said...

That is so cool. I hadn't heard of Mae, but one of my friends has been working with Habitat in New England for years.