Friday, March 06, 2009

Listening Post

They may have lost the backing of Interscope, but they may also be all the better for it. Here's one of the most interesting and ambitious bands currently making music, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, with the first single from their new album, The Century of Self.

It's Bells of Creation.


dick_gozinia said...

I don't know. I loved the hell out of this band up til World's Apart but So Divided was terrible. Loved the drummer too, but I have an interesting story about that.

When I saw them in 2005, I was really excited because I was also a big fan of the opening band, Del Rey.

They're really awesome live and use a 2 drum kit setup right in front of the stage that the singer/guitarist sometimes rotates into and they drum battle during interludes. Great live show...and I'd seen them multiple times before the Trail of Dead shows.

So, imagine my surprise when a year later I go the the Trail of Dead show guessed it, they're using a 2 drumkit setup exactly like Del Rey for their tour. Fuck that unoriginal shit.

In other words, TofD's new album had better kick a serious amount of ass to get me back in the fold, because unoriginality and stealing from other bands ins the death of your musical "vision". Grrr...

Phil said...

Haven't picked up anything since Source Tags and Codes, but will look again. Thanks.