Sunday, March 01, 2009

Listening Post

Perfect for a Sunday morning: the piano-and-vocals version of the Style Council classic, My Ever Changing Moods.


Anonymous said...

Who's the zombie-looking guy playing out-of-tune violin? That's not Steve White, is it?

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Favorite band, second favorite song (after Van Morrison's Moondance) ever!!!!

Benoit from Ottawa said...

Here, one for you. Not necessarily Sunday morning stuff. More like Saturday afternoon.

It's the video of a Toronto classic from years ago, by the Shuffle Demons: Spadina Bus. The wideo is cruddy in quality, the audio is great fun. Hope you enjoy.

britta is an asshole said...

great choice.
you can never go wrong with paul weller, although nothing will ever be better than the jam.

celery said...

i haven't heard that version before.