Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Funny Pages

I love everything about this -- particularly Jason Segel photographed as Buster Keaton (thereby combining the man behind my favorite movie of last year, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and my favorite comedic actor of all time).

The Huffington Post: Vanity Fair Highlights New Legends of Comedy/3.2.09


Mart said...

Is the dirth of comments due to Chez loving everything about men laying together in body suits?

I think we will look back on the work these guys are putting out as another golden age of comedy. Consistently funny film after film is a trick few have managed to pull off.

Trouble said...

Oh, Buster Keaton and Jason Segel. The marrying of my two favorite things, past and present.
Yeah, I'm little weird.

Doc said...

Mart, I think the dearth of comments could be due that the photo strikes me at least as vaguely homophobic; the straight guys playing gay, the ain't it funny 'cause they're guys thing doesn't strike me as amusing. That wasn't the intent of the photo but that's the way I can see it viewed.

But it's not such a big deal that we're going all comment zany on it. And if Chez gets a laugh off of it, then that's great and whatever, no hurt no foul since we know he's not homophobic. So that's my guess, we're all just letting it go and skipping to the next blog entry.