Saturday, March 07, 2009

"Ditto, You Provincial Putz?"

While I'm on my little self-imposed sabbatical, I'm outsourcing most of my political coverage to Cesca -- who admittedly is hitting home-run after home-run when it comes to addressing the enormity of the far-right's recent bout of "Obama Derangement Syndrome."*

Case in point: his latest piece for the Huffington Post.

The Huffington Post: "The Dittohead Party: Why the GOP is Screwing Itself" by Bob Cesca/3.4.09

*See how fucking annoying and ridiculous that term is?


Benoit from Ottawa said...

Here's an article I've just run across. It contains a few bombs (it IS about American politics, after all), but more importantly presents some interesting thoughts, in my opinion.

Matt Osborne said...

The genius of this strategy is that Rush embodies the echo-chamber. He's like the boy in the plastic bubble: he can't survive actual confrontation. He's been eviscerated by every crowd that wasn't hand-picked. His callers are pre-screened to support his Invisible Hand theology. Meanwhile, the GOP is in such turmoil that he's the closest thing they have to an actual leader.

You can see what I mean here.

kanye said...

I didn't know about Cesca before you started linking him, Chez, but he's since been added to my daily reads...thanks for that. And now I'll return the favor:


Between the photoshops and the writing, drifty's an artist...probably the most effective writer Chicago currently has to offer in any medium, and easily our best blogger. And who knows--maybe seeing how someone else goes at this, someone who has a real talent for it like you do--might just shake something loose.


countryjoe said...

I don't know about "dittoheads".
Dildo-heads seems more appropriate.

Chris said...

I can't wait for it to come crashing down on him. Rush is a moron...

Laser Rocket Arm said...

I have always found it highly amusing that Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern share a birthday.

Bill White said...

It's great to see you take a break from your anti-American, treasonous rantings. Maybe you'll find Christ with the free time. Christ is a nice fella with long, flowing hair and wearing a white robe. He might be wandering around Battery Park ready to greet the kind Christian, Hebrew and good Arab soldiers (who love to find oil) who will protect your city from the evildoers who plan to land there.
I just read that Cesca drivel. Chez, that's nonsense. Anyone knows that Rush is right all the time. I think he's a direct descendant of Baby Jesus. If anyone knows the Bible, they know that Baby Jesus was a rugged individualist who "broadcast" his common sense ideas to the masses. It says in John Boehner 12:11, "Thou shalt be a blowhard while spreading thy seed with the sweet nectar of Vicodin mixed in for good measure."
God Bless and speaking of Mr. Boehner, I have some thoughts about him on my blog -- yes that's a plug for my right-thinking, Christian forum. Y'all are welcome. God Bless, Bill Orvis White

Anonymous said...

Bill White. Such a wonderful self-fellator. He should do a YouTube® video.

Anonymous said...

Bill (self-fellator extraordinaire) said: "I think he's a direct descendant of Baby Jesus"

So he and Mary Magdalen DID have a 'thing' going! If Herr White says it, it must be true. But I wasn't aware the Merovingian line had any contemporary descendants living! If so then clearly the mighty have fallen low.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Obama deserve a condition of his own rather than a recycled one? If Clinton had his own (Clinton fatigue) and Bush had his own (BDS) can't Obama get his own too?