Friday, March 27, 2009

Erase the Music

Ya know, it's unfortunate that another once-popular media title has gone belly up.

That said, Blender was exactly as advertised -- it was the Maxim of music magazines -- and the guy in the comments section of this story who compares it Creem should be fed to the angry ghost of Lester Bangs.

Folio: Blender Magazine Folds/3.26.09


Van Stuard said...

Creem? No, maybe the American version of Q.

Still... it was, for its music content, better than most of the mainstream American tunerags. I certainly trusted their reviews more than Rolling "three stars means never having to say you're sorry" Stone and Spin's faux alternative-r than you take on things.

I regret that young American minds as a whole seem unable to wrap their heads around a more literate take on music ala Mojo.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy.. more Tila Tequila. If I wanted to watch the adventures of a Vietnamese transexual I'd just hang out at the bus station.

Matt Osborne said...

Print is dead.

Long live the internet!

Anonymous said...

Junk in, junk out. The story of music in America, the story of music "journalism" in America. Why buy the rag when you can pop onto any blog and read the same stories three to four weeks before the magazine gets to you?

Anonymous said...

Good old Lester Bangs! Still, I hope all these magazines folding is a function of the internet and not the economy. This is feeling more and more like the Depression to me!