Monday, March 16, 2009

"Action" News

Aww, this is really perfect because they have so much in common: they're both CNN anchors, they're both pains in the ass, and they both love John Roberts.

The Huffington Post: CNN's John Roberts and Kyra Phillips Dating/3.16.09

(Oh, I kid. They're nice people. Congrats, you lovebirds.)


SteveR said...

In Toronto, we know him as "J.D. Roberts". He's all right.

mike m said...

channel surfing a couple of weeks ago, i caught John strumming an acoustic guitar in the middle of his show. it was really weird, cause they had no way to segue into it, he was just sitting on the the edge of a step noodling. he does that thing that all amatuer guitar players do (myself included), play a couple of pretty chords, followed by a lead that goes nowhere, back to the chords.
no singing, just grinning, no explaination given. douche chills for the audience. John , I'll bet Burle Ives is spinning in his grave right now.

Greg said...

This explains everything:

Rob in Calgary said...

I, too, always think fondly of JD Roberts, back in the 80s with his super-long mullet. It's so hard to see him this respectable!

BTW, he was just inducted into the Canadian Broadcasting Hall of Fame a week or two ago.

Chez said...

He was apparently inducted into Kyra as well.