Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wealth Care Crisis

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the person who most needs a fist to the throat this afternoon: CNBC über-putz Rick Santelli.

Gawker: The Least Sympathetic Populist Rage Ever/2.19.09


Fred said...

I think we should get this douchebag in a padded cell with Joaquin and let them rochambeau each other until there is a clear winner, which for all intensive purposes would be us.

Stephen said...

If we become Cuba, does that mean we all get delicious stogies too?

Rick is one of the smartest reporters here and certainly one of the most watchable. While many aren't going to agree with him, you're watching him on a network that covers business and the markets. These are free-market people by and large. What do you expect?

Sheriff Bart said...

Fists clenched, check.
Burning eyes narrowed to mere slits, check.
Jaw set, check.
Teeth gnashing, check.
Temple vein throbbing, check.

Full rage achieved, sir. Awaiting orders.

B8ovin said...

"While many aren't going to agree with him, you're watching him on a network that covers business and the markets."

Interesting take. Yesterday I got notice that my house will be sold at foreclosure auction on March 3. We have been working with the mortgage company for TWO years trying to refinance. They have changed the parameters FOUR times. We also live in Maryland where electrical rates rose by 35% in one month (the highest in the history of the U.S.). I also recently had my second kidney transplant and have endured fifteen medicine changes that prevent me from being able to function in any capacity even close to normal.
Further, the internet is the only forum for me to tell this personal story and hope someone sees it and understands my point. I don't know of any fucking channel dedicated to the idea that sometimes people endure things that change their ability to do what they would normally gladly do, but I can name half a dozen radio shows and television channels dedicated to the proposition that the free market is the greatest endeavor in human history. I invite Mr. Santelli to come round to my house and do his shtick. My reaction will be a little different than that of his nut-sucking trader scum (you know the ones, the ones who have done such wonderful work with our economy?)
But hey if Rick fucking Santelli is one of the SMARTEST reporters there (he DID walk off the set in a huff in September) he probably already knows what a loser like me is going through. So either my circumstances don't matter or he doesn't care.
I enjoy the idea that Rick Smartest Man In the Room Santelli is so thorough in his reporting all the facts about the housing bubble and how his taxes are going to pay for the bad mortgages (not even close- it's a subsidy that goes to the, SURPRISE!, banks) without putting into any context the wrongdoing and criminal behavior of the mortgage companies, like colluding to get higher appraisals, bait and switch practices and suggesting that clients up-report their income.
So when you don't hear from me for a while just hope if I don't have a house to live in that I can at least afford my medicines so I don't go into complete rejection and die on some cold street. Surely you can hope at least that much for what your genius deems is a loser.
(Please note: the idea of me actually having to leave my house is not real as we have already satisfied the lender, but it certainly could have happened if I didn't have well-off relatives. Everything I have written is true, and regardless of how embarrassing it is, I think it is important for anyone who wants to defend Rick Dipshit Santelli to know at least one true story of a "loser", regardless of how happy the ending. And my offer to have Rick come by is still open, but I warn him that I am an ex-hockey player and in a snit about his "reporting".)

Stephen said...

If you happened to watch his later live hits on CNBC because of his outrage, he was allowed to further explain that his non-support is based on the fact that there is NO differentiation between the investors and the folks like yourself who need the help. There will be many people who will benefit from this who shouldn't. He went on to say that because of this, perhaps the government should give a tax holiday to those 90% who are able to stay above water (I believe he mentioned this during his rant as well.)
My comment on these being free-market people was followed up with "what did you expect?"
Would you watch Fox Newschannel expecting to find a glowing report on the democratic congress?

I'm glad you were able to work things out with your lender, as I have been able to with mine as well. While thankfully at this time I don't have any health problems, and my thoughts are with you, I most likely would have lost my house in 2 years had I not been able to refinance now.