Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Slam Dog Millionaire

The Huffington Post: Nadya Suleman, Octomom, Offered $1 Million to Make Porn/2.25.09


Deacon Blue said...

Dear God, is the economy so bad that the porn industry is really THAT desperate?

Are men really cutting back on their consumption THAT much?

I thought porn was one of the few recession-proof industries...

Deacon Blue said...

I jsut realized...if she does take the deal, it's a damn shame the James Bond folks already used the title "Octopussy."

Chez said...

Deac, for the win.

Fifth Generation Leftist said...

Supposedly, she hasn't had sex in like a decade, and does not plan to until her kids are grown. My grandma always said you had to do it regularly or you would go crazy.

Heather said...

Deacon almost owed me a new keyboard.

kanye said...

Wonder if they could get away with I Love Loosey ?

Mr. Controversy said...

Damn, I knew I missed one. All I could come up with was:

- "Womb Raider: The Cradle of Strife"
- "Mr. and Mrs. Filth"
- "Coocherfield"
- "Spiderman'd 2"
- "He's Just Not That Into Your(r large Vag)
- and "Dr. Fill"

Slamdog beats the Hell out of those though. (It also brings new meaning to the song "Jai Ho".)

Chez said...

I love it when you guys step up.

Lily's Mommy said...

I'm dying to know if she'll do it since she's in such dire financial straights.

And I'll try one:

Eight isn't Enough

Deacon Blue said...

Womb Raider is classic, Mr. Controversy. Perfect,, I mean, choice...and the Angelina Jolie connection.

Hmmm, I probably shouldn't be riffing like this on Ash Wednesday...wouldn't want to find out my congregational church has some extradition treaty with the Vatican...

Heather said...

Following up on Mr. C's play on Angelina movies, how about these:

- A Mighty Hump
- The Good Shagging
- Sky Captain and the World of Bondage
- Done in 60 Seconds
- Hell's Womb
- A Vag or Something Like It (my personal fave)
- The Bone Collector (I didn't even have to change that one)

Chez said...

The Bone Collector.

Fucking great.

chenry said...

I can't possibly top any of the porno titles submitted.

All I can say is the thought of seeing this crazy blimp of a woman in a porno makes my balls retract up into my pelvis.

Doc said...

A Womb with a VIew?

Sirius said...

And the ever popular

Like Throwing a Hotdog Down a Hallway

Anonymous said...


winged unicorn said...

i LOVE octopussy. thank you, deacon.
have a pancake.

i think...

"Dr Strangelove and How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Womb"

"A Womb with a View"

"2009: A Ceasarean Odyssey"

Blenderab said...

Octopussy may be owned, but there is always "tetradecapussy."

Peter L. Winkler said...

The Vagina Monologues.

slouchmonkey said...

"Lawrence of the Labia"

"You've Got 14 Kid and I Can't Believe I'm Fucking You!"

"Balls and All"

Figgylicious said...

Slutdog Millionaire?

VOTAR said...

She does have those DSL though.

choenbone said...

snow white and the eight dwarves

its been a rough week...

kanye said...

Can't have a film without a proper soundtrack:

1.Girl Of My Creams—Bombs Jizzkovsky
2.Bukkake Hero—Four In Her
3.Blasters Of Tongue—The Regapements
4.Switchin' To Astroglide—The Things
5.Rump It Up—Pelvis Crotchstello and the Contractions
6.Batter Man—Pearl Necklace Jam
7.Skanks Wild Rears—Tom Gaips
8.Take Back The Clitty—Blow Patrol
9.Prelude in Labia Minor (Nadya's Theme)—Franz Clitsz
10.Take The Eight Train—Dork Swellington Porchestra
11.You Can't Put Your Worm Around A Mammary—Johnny Plungers

Anonymous said...

The Descent

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't fuck that woman with Rosie O'Donnell's dick!

Needless to say, I wouldn't want to watch it either!

Anonymous said...

I Eight It All
Raiders of the Loose Octopuss
Uncharted Country For Eight Men
Them 8 Ricks (Sorry)
L.8. Confidential
The Curious 8" of Benjamin Bonin'
"Please Sir, Can I Have Eight More?"
Nadya: Womb8 (College themed)
Eight In The Middle Pocket
Eight Deep
Bottom of the Eighth
Eight and a Cockswing (See: rowing/boating)
Eight Pawns Capture a Queen
Eight In the Crib, Eight In the Bed
2 In the Hand, 6 In the Bush
A Piece of Eight
V8: Full of Lycopenis!
Coral8 This (Mix Analyze This with Coraline, mix porno music.....creepy)

Bonus but unrelated: Monty's Python and the Holy Rail

B8ovin said...

"Grand Canyon"
"Gimme Shelter"
"Forrest Gulp" (sample dialog: "Life is like a "box" of zygotes")
"A.I.: Artificial Insemination"
"Deep Blue Suleman"
"Orifice Space"

burke said...

And it's "You've Got 14 Kid and I Can't Believe I'm Fucking You!" for the WIN!!!

Anonymous said...

Turn of the Screw

Anonymous said...

If I may...

A collection of movie titles, science fiction show titles, documentary titles, what-the-fuck-ever:

Shock and Balls
Boner Collector
The Vagina Clown Car Rides Again
Ei8ht It
I can't Beleive It's Not Butt(Arrrr): A Pirates Tale of Life at Sea
Starship Pooper
White Men Can't Hump
Forest Two Hump Dump
Stargate: BJ1
Star Trek: The Next Penetration
Star Trek: Deep Space for Eight

slouchmonkey said...

Sound track.

...In Through the Out Door