Friday, February 27, 2009

Sit Rep

***Spoiler Alert***

Okay, so Starbuck's father was the mysterious and long-lost 13th Cylon, Daniel -- the artistic one Cavil and Ellen Tigh talked about two weeks ago (and if you couldn't figure out almost immediately that the piano player was Starbuck's father and that the drawing Hera made for Starbuck was a series of musical notes, turn in your wings).

That's Starbuck's connection to the Cylons (and her destiny): She's the original human/Cylon hybrid.

All in all -- between the kick-ass Boomer plotline and Katie Sackhoff's wonderfully nuanced performance -- an exceptional episode.

Anybody got any other theories about what we witnessed?


Anonymous said...

Note to self: Don't read blogs while waiting for wife to come home while watching Galactica on tape.

Though that was pretty much my guess as to Daniel's identity.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the theory, but not necessarily that the man we saw was actually her very well could be, but they played it as if Starbuck didn't know.

So I'm not sure if we'll get the same person. It would make sense to, however.

Other than that, Boomer = bitch.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about spoilers, I'm not that obsessed with shows in general. But I didn't know about Starbuck's father, and now I do.

I won't cry about it, but a warning in the subject line, or a hint as to what you were about to discuss, might not have gone amiss :-)

Chez said...

Understood, Anon. I'll warn next time. For the record though -- they don't come right out and tell you that Starbuck's father is Daniel; that was just my assumption.

Anonymous said...

I thought that Galactica was a metaphor for the survival of humanity and the cylons. Galactica needed cylon material to survive... both technologies had to merge, just like both species will likely merge, in order to survive. Unfortunately, if this metaphor is extended, Galactica looking like she's about to be abandoned / decommissioned before imploding isn't a good sign.

Chez said...

I can't help but wonder if Galactica is the dying leader written about in the original prophecy. But you're right -- I think there's no doubt that the two species are merging into one, and I'm sure Hera and Starbuck have a lot to do with what's about to happen. The question: What does Cavil want with Hera -- since the entire plan that unfolded over the last couple of episodes was designed to put Boomer in a position to kidnap the girl?

What I like though is that it's finally all coming back to the visions of the Opera House, which tells you that the endgame is being set up.

Sarcastro said...

I thought Starbuck's father was Fred Astaire.

Ooops. Wrong one.

aaron said...

[penny drops]

Holy shit! That would explain a lot! I thought she just picked up that song somewhere in resurrectionland and was hallucinating her father. Why didn't she try playing or humming the song for Anders, maybe give him a kickstart that way?

I don't know what Cavil wants with Hera, except to draw the two fleets together for a devastating finale. Boomer needs to die, and the Chief needs to smarten up. Sucker. Just wait till Helo finds out what you did...

I can hardly wait out the rest of the episodes!

kelley said...

Dunno what Cavil wants w/Hera - excepting the notion that he thinks possessing the only human/cylon entity = power... which makes him screwed assuming Starbuck is the original hybrid (which, btw, I like that theory & had considered it myself)... BUT!!! what do we make of Dead Body Starbuck that was found? WTF was that? The only thing I could think of was... something to do w/potential eggs/DNA/whatever they possibly harvested from her way-back-when in that factory-type place?? what do y'all think?? Oh, and PS: Athena should kick her hubby's ass for banging Boomer... and, yes - someone should kick the Chief's ass, for which I also nominate Athena.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't she try playing or humming the song for Anders, maybe give him a kickstart that way?

Yeah, I kind of wondered why she wasn't playing that for him. Makes more sense than anything since the song is what "woke him up" in the first place.

Boomer needs to die, and the Chief needs to smarten up.

I'm waiting for him to get caught and the humans and cylons getting into an argument as to who gets to try him and what happens when they do. Although that territory is beginning to be well-worn.

revmuddswife said...

I can't help but wonder if Galactica is the dying leader written about in the original prophecy.

I like literary re-interpretation, aka "we is makin' it up, an' this is a nice twist", as much as the next guy, but this like no.2 on the Obvious list. Which just leads you to WTF do you do with Roslin? Or do you go along with both at once?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how this bastion of hipness has turned into a sci-fi nerd zone.

That said, I'm surprised at all the Boomer hate. Neither her or Chief have recovered from their break-up and the events that surrounded it. I absolutely LOVED the brief flash-back of Chief's epic rant about how he settled for Cally when he couldn't have the one he really wanted. I'll admit I'm a sap, but I think Boomer will do right in the end and , hopefully her and Chief get their happily-ever-after.


VOTAR said...

Well, I missed my chance to watch this in real time (thanks for the spoilers, though...), and it looks like SciFi/Hulu have fucked me and thousands of other fans by instituting an eight-day delay before posting current episodes... meaning I have to wait until the day AFTER the next episode to see the previous one, guaranteeing that I either have to wait at least two weeks each for the next four episodes, or deliberately watch them out of sequence.

That having been said, I couldn't resist skimming the forums on SciFi. I have been searching for the right words to express my frustration with this show, however high the production value may be for it. Finally, someone posting there summed it up better than I can:

WHY can't they stop being clever and just be real? It's sapping away what made the series great. I actually object to the lesson the show has decided to teach: that you can't defeat or condemn your enemy, no, but you have to merge with them and accommodate them. I would be one of the mutineers. If Bush invited Al Quaeda to immigrate to New York and we saw Bin Laden putting photos of his fallen comrades on the 9/11 memorials we would condemn it. If we found out Dick Cheney impregnated a Taliban woman when he was visiting her at Gitmo we would condemn him. If the answer to terrorism was to put an Islamic symbol on the American flag, to institute Sharia law in Los Angeles, and for everyone to pray three times a day facing Cleveland we would reject that answer. Wouldn't we? I hope so. And if Galactica has nothing meaningful to say anymore about dilemmas we could face in the real world then it has become a geek-fest that's using up all our O2 with it's wanking.

VOTAR said...

That having been said... I'm rather looking forward to a Grace Park sex scene.

Al said...

Definitely her father, as he vanished as soon as the others walked up...and I'm loving the evil / hot Boomer action. Mmmm. It's actually a shame to see Adama / Galactica both showing signs of an impending demise. Can anyone see either existing with the other?

I could have done without Ellen coming back though, meh.

Jeremy said...

pst, Votar,

The quality isn't as good as it is at Hulu, but its better than waiting 8 days.

VOTAR said...

...sponsored by zango spam marketing viral software you have to agree to allow onto your harddrive so it can track you and splash your websurfing with pop-ups and targeted ads.

been there, done that before. took forever to root out that crap from all the nooks and crannies it crawls into.

no thanks.

Jeremy said...

hmmm, it didn't ask to install anything on mine. Just loaded it up into a flash window.

C.L.J. said...

The pianist was definitely her father; the whole thing reminded me of 6th sense: no one else ever acknowledged him. But was he a Cylon? I'm not sure.

Earth was destoyed in a pitched battle between the 13th tribe and their rebelling Cylon servants. In this scenario, it seems that the Cylons had been developed long before the 13th tribe left the other 12 colonies; they may even have been developed on Kobol as tools to help humanity set up their 13 colonies.

The "final five" were not Cylons, but 5 human scientists who were killed during Earth's final battle with their rebelling Cylons and resurrected to a facility "in orbit."

These five people then traveled back to the 12 Colonies at sub-luminal speeds to "warn the other colonists," presumably that the Cylons could attain sentience and rebel.

For the five, it was several decades of travel, but actually took several thousand years. When they got back to the other colonies, not only had the uprising occurred, the Cylons had created a cybernetic civilization. But these Cylons were trying to bridge the gap between man and machine.

The scientists help them, creating several distinct organic Cylons, using the research from their resurrection project to help them to make thousands of copies. They build a new resurrection machine. After all, if it can download your soul, and implant it into a new body it constructs for you as needed, why wait until you're dead?

Once the Cylons knew how to run and repair the machinery, they turned on the five human scientists. Their memories were erased and replaced with false ones, presumably by some creative use of the resurrection technology. It's not clear if any duplicates of the Final Five are active. They were placed across the Colonies for reasons we haven't yet learned. And then the series begins.

Skip ahead a bit:
Starbuck flies through a wormhole in a nebula and is transported to earth, but Lee watched her old battle weary Viper start to break apart before she disappeared.

So Starbuck makes it to earth, but her Viper is completely frakked; she crash lands on Earth. She doesn't survive the crash, and neither does her Viper.

And yet months later she returned to Galactica, alive, in a Viper that was her Viper down to the diodes, but everything was brand spanking new.

That can only mean that Earth's resurrection machine is still in place and operational - and it works on machines as well as people!

J9 said...

I think Starbuck seeing her father was her first foray into using her cylon parts (well, besides resurrecting) like Boomer was projecting her dream home Starbuck was projecting her father but didn't realize it at first.

Is anyone else kind of disappointed with the final five? they're quite the gaggle of fuck-ups, don't you think? Two drunks, a mega-bitch, a vegetable and a sucker. I want to keep liking Boomer, but I think she's gone to Cavil's team for good. All this time he's been training her to be a perfect machine. Oh, and I think his interest in Hera is to dissect her. Because, well, it seems like something he'd do.

Oh, and for those of you who don't have SciFi (like myself) if you google "Watch Battlestar online" you can find blogs that stream it the next day instead of waiting for Hulu to get it together.

Matt said...

VOTAR...that argument ALMOST works, but not quite. The history of the humans VS cylons is a little bit different. It's not even CLOSE to the history between the Taliban and the US. I don't see the show as having a message about how we treat our enemies persay, rather how THESE two sets of characters should treat each other. The idea of humans creating cylons creating humans creating cylons muddies the notion of an "us VS them". It's clear, now, that there has been mixing going on for all this time. And it will just keep repeating over and over again. What I like is that the series has evolved from us VS them to the CIVIL wars we fight against ourselves and they fight against themselves. Ask yourself, on the show, as of late who's killed more humans? HUMANS. Who's killed more cylons? CYLONS. WE are our own worst enemy. And I think THAT message actually does apply to us...look at the "aftermath" of the election with the RED VS the BLUE.