Tuesday, February 24, 2009

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A youth shotgun?

Jesus, if this isn't one of the signs of the fucking Apocalypse, I have no idea what is.

ABC News: 11 Year Old Boy Allegedly Used "Youth Shotgun" to Kill Pregnant Woman/2.24.09


Suzy said...

'atta boy! make yer diddy proud! now go fix the homosexuals 'an git yerself a 'nas ladyfriend while yer in'na pokey.

Deacon Blue said...

I don't know...with regard to the existence of "youth shotguns" I can't really bring myself to be completely anti-gun about it.

There are too many guns in this nation but at the same time, there are people who live in places and lifestyles wherein hunting is a major and possibly even necessary part of life. In these situations, much like farming, the younger members of the family do, at some point, often need to pitch in. I would guess that if you're teaching a youth to use a gun properly, a "youth shotgun" is a whole lot safer than giving them a full-sized one that they cannot control.

I'm not really into guns, myself, and I'm very wary of them. But I recall a pretty liberal friend of mine in grad school who grew up in New Hampshire in a small town, and he grew up around guns. He was taught to respect them and to treat them as potentially dangerous tools.

So, like I say, I'm on the fence. Not enough parents take guns seriously enough or teach their kids morals enough and responsbility enough to have them around, but at the same time, they are tools that are sometimes useful.

That said, I don't know what the fuck to think about how this kid ended up killing a pregnant woman. THAT'S what gives me the apocalyptic thoughts, and not so much the fact we have youth shotguns in the world.

Lily's Mommy said...

I reread the article. So he did it because of jealousy? Her little girls are lucky he didn't off them too.

There were guns in my house when I was a child and I had no fucking clue where they were. I remember finding one once, I couldn't reach it, but I told my mom. The next time I looked, it was gone. Isn't that how it's supposed to work in a home with kids? And this little butt munch had his own gun?

I always hope that events such as these will open other people's eyes to the danger of children and guns and yet it just keeps on happening. Sigh.

Spencer said...

This is just more violence against women that is directly attributable to Chris Brown.

Chez said...

I'm aware of the existence of youth shotguns -- and maybe I made it sound like the very fact that there are such guns was reprehensible. My mistake for not being clear.

No, the idea of a shotgun for a kid -- while really questionable (I mean, come on, this isn't fucking 1810 anymore; you can buy food at a goddamned grocery store) -- isn't necessarily evil in and of itself. But it just sickens me to think that this 11 year old had a gun specifically designed for his tender age that he then used to turn around and shoot a pregnant woman in the face.

If I'm wrong, and there is a god, this single act should've led him to freak-out and run to the "destruct" button, flip up the safety catch, and let his finger linger over it for a few seconds giving it serious thought.

Anonymous said...

Just saddened by the stupidity, pointlessness and tragedy of it. Stories like this break my heart.

I can see the benefit of a youth gun, but like any dangerous weapon, it needs to be treated with respect and care.

Why the hell wasn't this thing locked up? When kids say stuff like he did, it needs to be taken seriously. People need to be parents. It not a gun, then perhaps something else.

This entire tragic mess is on the father.

It comes down to valuing human life, and this kid clearly has none. Does he even understand what he did?

Anonymous said...

Is it me or does he not look as if he has on lipstick and lots of mascara???

kanye said...

"Jordan Brown has been charged as an adult with two counts of criminal homicide in the deaths of 26-year-old Kenzie Marie Houk and her unborn child."

Jesus, if this isn't one of the signs of the fucking Apocalypse, I have no idea what is.

Anonymous said...

Youth shotguns are questionable, but youth shotguns that the youths in question have access to without adult supervision are unconscionable. If the kid has a shotgun it should be kept locked up whenever he's not hunting or practicing with an adult.

I also think, by the way, that it's absolutely ludicrous to charge an 11 year old as an adult under any circumstances. If you're charging preteens as adults then what does 'adult' mean? An 11 year old doesn't understand life and death, doesn't have a real sense of morality, barely even has a sense of self. Yes the crime is terrible, and consequences are necessary, but he's a kid. He's still salvageable.

idiosynchronic said...

20 gauge shotguns are marketed not only for children, but smaller women and people whom want a self-defense weapon but are so inexperienced with firearms that they can't control the bucking weapon well. The shot is also reputed to be less likely to penetrate walls in case of missing the target. Youth shotguns are in no way any less deadly to people, especially at close range.

All that said, there's all sorts of failing evil going on here.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for guns. I love them, really, but let's not call it a "youth shotgun".

It's a gun. It can kill. It's a parent's decision to let their child have a gun. The first gun for a child should ALWAYS be a BB gun, IMO, since they're generally not lethal or even dangerous if you give the child proper instruction. I didn't shoot a shotgun until I was 9-10, and I certainly didn't get my own at that age (I had a BB gun though). Also, I was taught from an early age that a gun and its ammo should always be kept in separate locations, and that I should never trust a gun is empty until I've checked it myself before each use/handling/showing off.

It's irresponsible parenting through and through here. It's not the gun's fault, that's for damn sure. Anti-gun activists always talk about outlawing this or restricting that gun-wise, but in the end it boils down to PROPER EDUCATION, not laws. The lawless don't live by the laws.

Heather said...

In that picture he doesn't even look sorry or bothered, and that's what is scary.

I disagree that an 11 year old doesn't have a sense of morality. By then, a kid knows the difference between right and wrong, and should know that shooting another human being goes on the "wrong" side of the tally. If he was being taught about hunting, then he would have gotten the "don't point this at people" lesson. If he didn't, that's a serious lapse on the father's part. Not only that, but if he was hunting then he knows that his weapon has the ability to kill. He knows what death means and he's seen it. He would have known that shooting her in the face would harm her, if not kill her. Plus, there is serious premeditation there with the use of the blanket to hide the weapon. He knew exactly what he was doing. He's being charged as an adult because in that state there is no charge for criminal homicide in the juvenile code. Should he be charged with something lesser just because of that? This wasn't an accident. If it were I'd say yes, he was salvageable. But the boy committed pre-meditated homicide at the age of 11. I'm not advocating he be sent to adult prison or jail, but he needs to be charged appropriately for double homicide, and if that's as an adult, so be it. I'm sure his age will be taken into consideration at sentencing.

Vermillion said...

An 11 year old doesn't understand life and death, doesn't have a real sense of morality, barely even has a sense of self.

Boy that sounds like EXACTLY the kind of person who doesn't need to be wielding a gun. And considering that he was trained to use the gun, I sincerely doubt that he didn't have some idea of life and death.

Thing is, this isn't like he pushed her out of bed or something: he planned to kill her. He actively threatened her. He had enough presence of mind to know to hide the gun under the blanket. This was not a joke, or a game, or an accident. It was willful murder. I can't see any reason not to try him as an adult.

Chez said...

You know something? I honestly think that this kid, down the road, will have a better understanding and appreciation for the enormity of what he did -- and he'll regret it.

Know something else? My first, gut reaction is that somebody shouldn't let him live to see that day.

Anonymous said...

The problem with rednecks and other gun enthused fuck-ups is that they're too stupid to realize that gun control or restrictions has legitimate means to an end. And I am talking about this kid's dad.

wickedwitch said...

Unless this little bastard is retarded, he knew exactly what he was doing. Hell, I was born when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I knew right from wrong long before I turned 11. Kids grow up quicker now or they don't grow up at all. Fry the little bastard now, save us all some heart ache. Damn, I'm sorry, I should ask WWJD. He'd probably vote for lethal injection too.

VOTAR said...

Fucking trig.

Bill White said...

This is the story of a good boy gone wrong. Both of my boys Dale and Kyle learned not only the proper use of a weapon, but they learned to respect the piece. Every young boy should be required to go through proper training. My boys went through the NRA:


Chez, I know spoiled city boys like you get scared when you see a fine weapon. Let me tell you, there is nothing like taking that shotgun out by the side of your house and shooting them Coke cans off a tree stump.

Just because a boy made a mistake doesn't mean that the government should come and take away our weapons. When you say that it isn't 1810 anymore, let me remind you that there isn't much that's changed in us God-fearing folk. Hitler rounded up guns and look what happened. You know the rest of that story.

Yes, boys like you don't hunt, but you might need to defend your family when the Jihadists come here to kill you for just being you! Chez, they want to kill you for not believing in their religion. Let me say this again: I'm one of those who knows there are good Muslims out there. Heck, GW, his daddy, Donny Rumsfeld, Miss Rice and Mr. Cheney are good friends with the good ones who sell us their oil. But, don't forget that those 19 evildoers from Iraq blew up those building in your own town and other places. Now that we're pulling out of Iraq, they're going to hop on the backs of those planes and land on our shores to kill us. Don't you want to be ready for God's and Baby Jesus' sake?

I'm going hunting!

God Bless, BOW - Bill Orvis White

Deacon Blue said...

WWJD, wickedwitch? Well, he might or might not vote for lethal injection, but I can just about guarantee he'd be up for a major ass-kicking.

Mr. Controversy said...

This kid's a horrible shot...you can see from the photo that he clearly missed his head.

Ethnic Redneck said...

In the corner of Redneckia where I was raised, if you were a boy and couldn't handle a full-sized rifle, you didn't get to shoot. Of course, back then, a soulless little sociopath like this one would have been drowned at birth.

There is nothing right about this kid, and any NRA member who comes in whining about how gun control couldn't have stopped this tragedy is missing the fucking point entirely. This is kid might have used a butter knife if nothing else was available, but then again, the woman might have had a chance in that case.

Anonymous said...

If he isn't irredeemable now, he will be in seven to ten years in some juvvie facility. He doesn't look like he's going to be the tough one in there without a "youth gun" and a blanket. Nope, I think his chance for a life as any sort of decent, productive citizen is over. I guess juvenile detention until 21 and then prison? Mostly as the mom of a daughter, I can't stop thinking of the two motherless girls.

tania said...

Two words: Bad. Seed.

Chez, that was my gut reaction too. I'm against capital punishment in principal, but every now and then some sociopathic act arouses such deep horror in me that I come over all Robert Heinlein.
I'm not proud of that. But this was premeditated murder. And the mugshot is just plain chilling. Anybody want to bet there are some tortured local pets in his past?

Laser Rocket Arm said...

Ah, Pennsylvania:

Philly in the east
Pittsburgh in the west
Alabama in between

Anonymous said...

Fuck me man as much as I love the US I think you must have to be born here to have that "everyone has the right to bear arms" mentality.

Its very bizarre to me, coming from a country where even the police don't carry guns around on their belt, to be surrounded by liberal thinkers that fully support guns!

I'm sure I'll be shot down (see what I did there) but its not fucking right.

Mack said...

Owning a gun should be a privilege, not a right. Like driving a car. We have to take a test and get a license. Both are deadly weapons. Quite honestly I think there should be some mental stability test for both as well. But, criminals still get there hands on guns.

Bat shit crazy people are bat shit crazy people.

I’m not a big fan of forgiving people for their past indiscretions when it comes to guns. I just had to move out of my apartment that I shared with a good friend of mine because she decided to date a violent felon who decided to shoot into someone’s car years ago. And, while I suppose he has paid his dues by doing time he never should have had that gun because he was already a felon when he decided to get a gun (illegal) and shoot at people. I do not forgive him and do not forgive this kid. They both can rot.

Cheryl Robbins said...

Yeah, I know I'm a little late to the party.

I'll say it without any second thoughts at all... it is absolutely disgusting that a gun is designed for an eleven-year-old which dispenses anything but water, a cork, a dart with suction cups on the end, BB's, or a flag that says, "BANG!". There are no families which will starve by prohibiting kids from hunting.

This is nothing against hunting. Me, I'm a big fan of fishing. But children have no place with guns. At that age, my uncle used to stick firecrackers in the mouths of frogs, light them, and toss them. It wasn't because he was crazy, it was because he was a little boy, and most rural little boys spend some time torturing wildlife. Children do not understand life and death, or how actions can have permanent consequences (even a lot of young adults don't understand this, resulting in the high drop-out rates of college freshmen). There was even a study not too long ago which indicated that generally the first time a child begins to really understand any long-term consequences is at around age twelve.

They need not be thought of as adults, but instead, the Lord of the Flies savage creatures that they are having yet not fought past our primal natures into the somewhat-civilized creatures we become thanks to the rule of law and institution of social habits. This is why bullies are so common. Children should never have free access to guns, and whoever allowed this kid access to it needs to be prosecuted. The kid does as well, but he should not bear this burden alone.

There are all sorts of things that kids that age can't do because they are dangerous or generally deemed inappropriate for a kid his age. This little boy isn't allowed to ride a moped, drink, smoke, drive a car, ride the big rides at an amusement park, watch an R-rated movie, go to a titty bar, or even take an adult dose of NyQuil. I'm willing to bet he had a single-digit bedtime and played sports at school which use whiffle bats. Yet, someone wants to hand this kid a gun? What the fuck? Kids can't handle guns, and I don't give a shit how popular of a hobby it is to go hunting. No one under the age of eighteen should ever be in a position to touch a real gun.

On a side note, yesterday was the one year anniversary of a friend's suicide from a gun he bought for protection. Two months ago I attended a funeral for a friend's little brother who was murdered with his own gun, also a protection weapon. I know six people who have killed themselves or who have been killed by their own guns, and all purchased to protect their homes. All but one were in the suburbs. However, I have yet to meet anyone who has used a gun to protect anything. I know it's not the conversation at hand, but it's a little personal food for thought currently sitting on the edge of my brain. I know we have a right to bear arms in this country, but that right has caused more pain and grief in my life than any other element combined. Guns make suicide too easy, they make it too easy to kill another human at thirty feet without a second of forethought. Having a gun made it easy for this kid to kill that woman, and in the length of time it takes to pull a trigger. Had the gun not been available to him in the first place, she would likely still be alive.