Thursday, February 19, 2009

Never Tear Us Apart

And here I thought it'd be impossible to go out with less dignity than Michael Hutchence.

Popeater: INXS Singer Fired with Handshake, Back to Living in His Car/2.19.09


Liz in Austin said...

For all of us Marty Casey fans out there: Gee, who didn't see this coming?!

JD Misfortune was the biggest diva this side of the Pond. Hope the car door didn't hit him in the ass on the way back into the car.

He was never a team player and he only had that one Vegas-style "hit" song that he rode hard. Marty should have been the one to lead the band, since he's far, far better. Who didn't think "Trees" was the best hit to come out of that season of Rock Star?

Greg said...

He was venerated up here in Canada for a few months and then just faded away.

Kind of sad, actually.