Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love is Swell

He's very lucky and she's apparently very tolerant.

The Huffington Post: Mandy Moore Engaged to Ryan Adams/2.12.09

By the way, they're registered at Urban Outfitters. Feel free to pick out a nice distressed cowboy-style shirt and messenger bag combo.


Anonymous said...

yeah, she's got a really good voice. Not that they still don't bury it in synth, but she can sing compared to, say, Katy Perry, who can only yell at the microphone.

Vermillion said...

Well I would like to congratulate the very lucky Mr. Adams.

In the face.

With a shotgun.


Sorry, I just have a thing for the woman, that is all.

VOTAR said...


Lily's Mommy said...

I'm extraordinarily tired and I don't get it. Why would she be very tolerant?

Is he douchey?

Anonymous said...

Ain't love grand!!!

"CNN Battle? Wolf v. (silver) fox
As you know, CNN's resident silver fox; Anderson Cooper nabbed the network's interview with President Obama last night. Anyone else wonder how Cooper got the slot over Wolf Blitzer?

A source tells Fishbowl DC that the decision to give the gig to Cooper made it all the way to CNN Pres. Jonathan Klein and it "wasn't pretty.""

And you doubt Kleins' gayness and deep twisted love for Anderson Cooper.

Chez said...

Adams is a serious prick. His music's great (the Love is Hell album that I parodied with the title was one of my favorites of a couple of years ago) but he's an asshole on wheels.

L. said...

So the rumors of his attitude mellowing out after slowing down on the drugs and drinking weren't true? That's kind of a shame.

Chez said...

Oh, who knows. I'm going by his career-long reputation.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine dating Adams for a while.

He is a shit show. Great musician though.

I love Mandy, although she has this bubblegum persona that I usually run away from like it is a brain eater. But I can't help myself; she is too precious and I wanna go shoe shopping with her.

L. said...

He has definitely been completely batshit for awhile with the walking off stage every time someone yells out "Summer of 69" and random tirades.