Thursday, February 26, 2009

Look Back in Languor

Because it's been a while since I've written anything truly substantive for this site due to the reasons explained above -- and because I actually feel bad about that -- here's a quick rundown of some of the better pieces from the past couple of years.

I go looking for Maxine Turner, and end up utterly heartbroken. (And All That Could Have Been/4.19.07)

I will never forgive NBC News for its shameful exploitation of the Virginia Tech massacre in the name of ratings, and neither should you. (The Tapes of Wrath/4.20.07)

I have a good idea for Hillary Clinton's next campaign commercial. (Is Barack Obama Gonna Have to Choke a Bitch?/1.7.08)

As it turns out, I was one of the lucky ones. (Death Be Not Proud... But It Is Cost-Effective/12.30.07)

I let you in on a little secret about Mitt Romney. (The Sectarian Candidate/12.6.07)

I contemplate a young boy's uncertain future, while remembering a young girl's tragic past -- the first girl I ever loved. (The Part that Never Comes Home/1.21.07)

I pick on Hannah Montana and likely earn Zach Braff some hate mail. (Montana Uber Alles/11.20.07)

I have a tumor the size of a pinball removed from my brain. (Where Is My Mind?: Part 1/10.12.06) (Where Is My Mind?: Part 2/12.26.06)

I am one very pissed off Disney character. (Tigger with Attitude/1.8.07)

I defend a gay, drug-using preacher. (Sympathy for the Reverend/11.5.06)

I get a rather nasty e-mail from a group of gun enthusiasts in Virginia, and respond in kind. (Blow Back/6.21.07)

I give you a glimpse inside New York's hippest hotel -- and at the spoiled celebrities who make life a living hell for its staff. (Veruca Assault/10.26.06)

I am Oprah's secret plan to own Rachael Ray and Barack Obama. (There's No "I" in Oprah/10.25.06)

I examine the curious case of Michael Richards and wonder if it's possible to spout racist language without actually being a racist. (The Nth Degree/11.21.06)

I hang out with 15-year-olds at a My Chemical Romance concert, and ask if you've got a problem with that. (The Kids are Alright/4.2.07)

I go to rehab (yeah, yeah, yeah). (Welcome to the Monkey House/6.4.07)

I truly am sorry for all that Anna Nicole Smith crap on your television. (And Now, an Apology in the Form of an Open Letter to America/2.15.07)

I decipher the secret meaning of "The Knut Song." (Fight Cub/4.10.07)

I cover the verdict in the O.J. Simpson civil trial. (If You Want Blood, You've Got It/11.16.06)

I have a plan to bring down American Idol. (One Little Indian/4.5.07)

I meet a man who's going to be executed in 24 hours. (Things to Do in Texas When You're Dead/8.25.06)

I present an infuriating personal example of how religion is child abuse. (Jesus Loves Me, This I Know, for My Parents Tell Me So/10.8.06)

I sympathize with child molesters and play To Catch a Hack Journalist with NBC's Chris Hansen. (Idiot vs. Predator/3.1.07)

I come face-to-face with the woman I've fantasized about since she stepped out of a pool and unhooked her red bikini top on film back in 1981. (Girls, Girls, Girls: Part 1: Heaven's Cates/5.4.07)

I become an overnight sensation, thanks to a bunch of douchebags. (2006: Year of the Douchebag/1.5.07)

That Stupid Year: The Ten Most Ridiculous, Shameful, or Otherwise Unfortunate People and Events of 2008/1.5.09

The Top 28 Posts of 2008

28. Surrender, Integrity/4.22.08

27. Is Barack Obama Gonna Have to Choke a Bitch?/1.7.08

26. Second Thug Life/5.6.08

25. Insolent Jest/10.30.08

24. Policing Themselves to Death/8.8.08

23. A Modest Proposal/5.16.08

22. Droll Models/7.11.08

21. All Fall Down/8.10.08

20. Let No One Put Asunder/12.21.08

19. Choose Wisely/9.4.08

18. Shade of Gray/12.9.08

17. Miles to Go/12.4.08

16. The World I Knew/5.25.08

15. You Name It/2.21.08

14. Why So Serious?/4.25.08

13. An Equal and Opposite Reaction/8.15.08

12. Not Another Oprah Column/2.28.08

11. Rich Lowry: The William F. Buckley of Fuck Talk/10.4.08

10. Wide Awake in America/11.5.08

9. An Open Letter to the American Media/12.22.08

8. Sweet Dreams/1.28.08

7. Kids Incorporated/4.24.08

6. Both Ends Against the Middle/9.11.08

5. Be Wary, Be Wary, the 10th of February (from the Huffington Post)/2.1.08

4. The Meta-Metamorphosis of Sarah Palin/10.24.08

3. The Outsider/6.9.08

2. The Speed of Lies/8.28.08

1. Say What You Will (Requiem for a TV News Career)/2.18.08

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Jane said...

I was homeless at the time, sleeping on my sister’s rented living-room floor, thinking I wanted something that reflected my generation, that was representative of me and my friends because there’s nothing on TV like that. I’d been living in London in squats and rented houses since the age of 18 and, when I started writing it at 23, I had had this intense experience as a young person and wanted to reflect that in Spaced.