Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Talk

Right after the birth of Inara, back in July of last year, I mentioned the possibility of starting a separate blog specifically for baby pictures, video, stories, etc.

Well, Jayne and I have finally gone ahead and created that site.

For the record, I'll still be posting the occasional baby picture here. If anyone has a problem with that -- well, tough. But the new blog will be focused strictly on Inara, which means that you'll get lots of "Awwww" with none of that annoying, self-serving assholery -- the kind you've come to expect from this site.

Please, you visit.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou, I no longer have any reason to visit this page.

Just kidding, of course, but with the news lately I could use a lot more "Awwww" in my life.

Anonymous said...

Baby pictures never bothered me here, since this blog is about your life and opinions. Babies influence both. A lot. :)

It will be nice to see baby pics more frequently, so sure, I'll check Inara's site frequently.

tania said...

Cool. All baby, all of the time!
I'll be visiting, for sure.

It's cheaper than visiting my niece, since I don't have to bring presents for the baby! ;-)

Anonymous said...

as a mom with four sons, your baby girl makes me smile. Thank you

Anonymous said...

@ tania:

I think future Overlord I-G-P™ would appreciate you handing over the presents... if you know what's good for you :)