Monday, January 19, 2009

A Time to Heel

In the words of Flounder: Oh boy, is this great!

The Huffington Post: Shoes Thrown at White House on Bush's Final Day/1.19.09


Fred said...

While there is some satisfaction in the fact that it was able to happen at all, does anybody think Bush gives a rat's ass?

He got what he wanted, so did his cronies and we allowed them to get away with it.

pknaack1 said...

you gotta figure that deep down somewhere, he's crying on the inside.


you hope...

Hardeep said...

He probably does care. It's pretty clear that he wanted a "positive legacy" and it should be equally clear to him (well, maybe in a few years it will be) that he won't get it, no matter how hard he tries to spin the facts.