Monday, January 19, 2009

So Long and Thanks for All the Fail

I figure by now I've sufficiently delved into the enormity of George W. Bush's failure as president of the United States and therefore the significance of today, his last day in any sort of position to further fuck this country without Vaseline.

Still, maybe it's worth reminding everyone a final time (God, how that has a nice ring to it) of one of Bush's more endearing or irritating qualities, depending on your political perspective. And so, my good friend Steve Bunche -- talented artist, insightful social critic, and general pop culture ronin -- has compiled a list of the best examples of George W. Bush's affinity for murdering the English language.


The Vault of Buncheness: One Last Facefull of Bush/1.19.09

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Enrique said...

Not to knock a good thing -- and anything that tears down the 8-year disaster of now-Former-President Bush is a good thing -- but I think credit for the list of Bushisms should be given to its original source. That list of quotes was posted, word for word, by Jacob Weisberg on Slate on January 12th.