Friday, January 16, 2009

Sit Rep

So the 5th Cylon is revealed, a really heartbreaking end for one beloved character, and Starbuck has a funeral for herself.




jgodsey said...

thoughts WTF
theories they are yanking our chain

Hope said...

Ellen? I mean really. I was sure it was Dee. And Dee shot herself...I can see that...she snapped like a dry twig...sad none the less.

I have no idea what is going on.

And the 13th colony were all Cylons? Huh? What is that all about? Who created whom?

The Starbuck/Darth Vader funeral was less than climatic.

I have to say that so far I'm disappointed...I really hope they will twist this into something unexpected and interesting.

Once more I say...Ellen...WTF?

kanye said...

Just as I'm telling my wife that I hope Kandyse McClure is the fifth and that they feature her prominently...son of a bitch!

And there was that other thing...we're the Ceylons?

zoe said...

WTF man. I mean, yay for an excellent start to the season, but man.


So is Ellen Tigh the final cylon, or is Starbuck? Could Starbuck be a younger version of ellen? Are there more cylons within the supposedly human 12 tribes? I can't wait for next Friday.

Becky said...

BSG continues to blow me away. I was not expecting that end for the certain "beloved character," and it was such a haunting moment when she died.

I was hoping that the 5th Cylon would turn out to be a more prominent character, but it was a really interesting choice and I'm curious to see what role she'll end up playing.

As for Starbuck... I have no frakkin' idea. But my love for her knows no bounds, even if she is the bringer of death. I was proud of myself for predicting she'd find her own body and for a while I was convinced she was the 5th cylon. Just when I think I have it figured out..

Aaron X said...

So they killed off Dualla, had her off herself, is that right? Because I missed the scene where she died, what the Fuck?

I suppose she wasn't up for the last season, too many years of settling for Starbucks leavings I suppose, and she decided to look for greener higher profile pastures somewhere else.

I like Battle Star Galactica but it really has gotten way too preachy over the last few seasons. The writers seem more interested in the message than they are in producing exciting entertainment.

I have a tough time watching it with commercials anyway, it's much better when it's uninterrupted in my opinion.

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

I don't know ... I'm gonna have to stick with my "you're a nerd" theory.

Well, I'm off for a surf and a massage! Cheers mate!

Grim said...

Can't really provide details without spoiling things for people who haven't seen it.

What exactly *is* Starbuck?

VOTAR said...

The arc involving Starbuck is the most interesting piece of the puzzle they have left. Nearly everything else has been a little underwhelming. And even the Starbuck thing is teetering on the precipice of dabbling in a time-travel (wormhole travel?) plot device for it to make sense. I remain skeptical.

This show was great when it was about desperate survival against a relentless, un-pitying enemy. Now... I dunno what it's actually about.

One thing that always sort of bothers me with the writing on BSG is that it tends to club the audience over the head with exaggeration. Earth was a let-down? Well, of course, let's all mope around, get into drunken fist-fights and suck on cigarettes in the hallways. I might as well just put a bullet in my head, instead of doing my job as a colonial fleet officer.

How about working the problem? How about searching for answers?

But really, I get it: Mankind's last hope ended in further disappointment. Fair enough. They went from cathartic exuberance to near (and actual) suicidal depression in the blink of an eye. But I'm tired of every episode ending with the Admiral picking himself off the floor to give another of his rousing speeches to boost morale.

And don't even get me started about the Final Cylon. I've never been a fan of the "final five" direction this story dove into, it's always smacked of making-it-up-as-we-go-ishness. I wasn't surprised by the final revelation, because I lost interest in the whole concept of it somewhere last season.

Amy said...

I hate you a little bit right now.

Lex said...


I don't think she's really the fifth Cylon. I think it'll end up there's no fifth Cylon specifically, and that lots of people end up being Cylons. It's been my theory all along that the final Cylon isn't a person, but something abstract.

Cause really...Ellen? She was such a minor character and there was no build up. I think the writers are pulling a fast one on us!

Matt Osborne said...

They cut me back to part time at work and I had to get basic cable. I won't see it til tomorrow. Spoil it for me.

Chez said...

I agree with Votar that I honestly stopped caring about who the final Cylon was when it became clear last season that it didn't really matter -- that guys like Tigh and Anders could function as human regardless, and that once the Resurrection Hub was destroyed, really, Cylons and humans were basically interchangeable anyway. I honestly think that's going to be the sort of endgame: that Cylons and humans are one in the same.

Also, totally agree that the Starbuck puzzle -- along with the four Cylons having lived on earth at one time revelation -- is the only really fascinating thing going right now (which is not to say the show's bad, just that that's what's got me really interested in seeing it through to the end).

Worth noting is that when last night's episode was screened for critics, the last five minutes were left out -- in other words, the revealing of Ellen Tigh as the supposed 5th Cylon. Does it mean anything? Who the hell knows.

Oh and Matt, you remind me of Paul Rudd's character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which you probably didn't see since they likely don't have movies in whatever third world hell hole you're living in these days). You know, the guy who dropped out of reality to get baked and surf all day who now has the IQ of a ham sandwich. Glad that trust fund's holding up for you there, buddy.

Anonymous said...

I still think Earth is long, long ago (our time-wise) and that a man and a woman (one human, one Cylon?) stay there and repopulate--Adam and Eve. Or did they do that forty years ago on Twilight Zone? Poor Dee, did not see that coming. And I was sure Gaeta was the fifth. Wonder where the last 9hours will take us? Will Roslin breathe her last?

Rev said...

Beloved character?

You frakkin' wish. My love for Dualla died after she toyed with Billy for months and then decided to frak Apollo 5 minutes later.

ErinM said...

I watched the marathon on Sci Fi to catch up -- I missed the first half of Season 4. Can I say that I'll be okay as a person if I never see Adama's Angst Grimace again? It doesn't convey emotional anguish as much as it conveys... teeth.

I know Ellen was important to developing Tigh's character, but I dislike her intensely and dread her every appearance on-screen. Not happy to think she's going to get even more screen time.

I really want to know more about what happened on Earth -- not too thrilled that the previews of the next ep appear to show the same old internecine soap opera they go to when they need filler.

schwa242 said...

At the mid-season finale, I did have one theory that there was time travel involved with Starbuck getting to Earth and somehow inadvertently causing all the destruction we see by mistake. Earthlings see UFO, decide to start WWIII, whatever. But if there's cylons there that are a different model... I don't recall, when Kara's ship exploded wasn't there a cylon ship with her? On the other hand, I don't see Battlestar going for something as lame as time travel to wrap things up, since they haven't touched on the concept so far, and try to keep things as "real" as possible, even though there are cyborgs and space folds and glowing sex spines. I hope it isn't time travel related, even though it may be a possibility, since the head of the cylon they found on earth is at least similar to those that we know of.

My money was on either Tigh and whichever number Six's kid being the twelfth, or something lame like the Galactica being the twelfth (that's where the music was coming from, after all). But that was based on the final five supposedly appearing in a photo in Entertainment Weekly, and I guess that's not the case. Those filthy filthy liars!

I was also kind of hoping that we would find out, "According to our calculations, the twelfth cylon is... love! The hell?"

In summation, I have no idea what's going to happen. I am kind of glad the twelfth is Ellen. That was actually a surprise and makes things somewhat interesting.

Harvey Jerkwater said...

What I'm hoping is the Big Secret is that since, as the show keeps insisting, "everything repeats," the true history is that the "humans" of BSG aren't humans, but rather the descendants of ancient Cylons. They destroyed their creators thousands of years ago and scattered to the stars, and papered over their history. Thus, when the Cylons we know and love showed up to nuke the Twelve Colonies, it was both karmic payback and history repeating itself.

That could still be true, but I dunno. I'm not familiar enough with the timeline to know if that would work. (I've only seen season one and this episode, and read stuff online.)

Starbuck probably got fried and was cloned by the same doohickey that reproduced the Final Five, oh so many centuries ago. I think. Or it could be a time travel thingy. Does the ring on her dogtags have significance?

Chez said...

That was actually my theory -- that the humans nuked the peaceful Cylon race and the whole thing is one big Mobius strip.

John said...

I feel like the writers went on a bunch of BSG discussion boards, found the one ancillary character no one cared enough about to suspect was a cylon and went "okay, her. surprise!"

Then again it could have been Lampkin's cat and this would still be the best thing on TV.

DrSherlockHouse said...

I am still holding out hope that the fifth Cylon is none other than, you guessed it, Frank Stallone.

jess said...

Rev, THANK YOU. You might have been able to call Dualla beloved in season one, but these days she's only one step up from frakkin' Cally.

Props to the BSG writers for intuitively knowing who I'd most like to see die and then making that wish come true.

Ann said...

I'm disgusted with Adama's wallowing in self-pity. Seems totally out of character to me---he was never really on the big "Let's find Earth" bandwagon in the first place!
Plus EJO looks awful when he grimaces and emotes. He needs to stay stoic or happy.