Friday, January 30, 2009

Powerless Forward

You might have noticed that since Inauguration Day, there's been no mention of George W. Bush around here. This is kind of by design. I just felt that with Obama taking office and the Bush era finally behind us, the worst possible insult I could level at our illustrious former Failure-in-Chief would be to ignore him completely -- barring, of course, a truly newsworthy event like, say, his being arrested overseas, Pinochet-style, and put on a plane to the Hague.

But this little item is simply too good to let pass without at least a quick word or two.

Bush has remained so conspicuously incognito since leaving the White House on January 20th that you'd think there was a disaster going on somewhere that required his attention. For more than a week now, America has, well, let's face it, we haven't really wondered at all what happened to George Bush -- but that doesn't make it any less of a curiosity to see him finally surfacing at, of all things, a women's basketball game in Waco, Texas.

Needless to say, the applause he received when he and Laura stepped into the auditorium at Baylor on Wednesday was thunderous; I mean, hell, Robert Blake can still get a good table at Vitellos. But it's the very fact that a Christian university in Texas may constitute the only truly friendly crowd Bush can find these days that's so noteworthy. I wish I could claim to be better than this kind of Schadenfreude, but it's just entertaining as hell to think that Bush has already been relegated to the state fair tour circuit. Less than two weeks out of office and he's like a sex-offender with an electronic house arrest bracelet around his ankle. He leaves the house -- in this case, Middle-of-Nowhere, Texas -- he runs head first into the torch-wielding mob and the guys with the German Shepherds.

Or maybe this is a better analogy, considering who we're talking about: He's like a kid who's been sent to his room after almost setting the house on fire.

Watch this video and appreciate how uncharacteristically humbled and small he looks. It's startling to know that someone so feckless and ineffectual caused so much damage to our country and to the world.


Arcnor said...

Hi there. I've lurked around these parts for a while -- love the blog, Chez, but since I've already revealed that I'm an avid reader, that ought to go without saying.

Still, I have to disagree with you on this one. Bush the Younger is still giving both America and the rest of the world a giant middle finger and laughing, even now that he's left office. Apparently, while everyone was worrying about him throwing preemptive pardons around like candy during his last days in office, he went one better and gave all of his subordinates preemptive immunity from questioning or prosecution on the grounds that everything they did while working in the White House is covered by Presidential privilege in perpetuity.

As in no one, not even the U.S. Congress, can ever question Karl Rove about the fired U.S. Attorneys. Or Dick Cheney about torture and war crimes. Ever. Which is why Rove waved his little love letter from Bush saying he was immune to even being questioned and told Rep. Conyers and the House Judiciary Committee to, essentially, kiss his fat ass when Conyers tried to subpoena him.

Bush isn't done with America yet. Not by a long shot. These guys are going to skate on everything they've done -- I doubt Obama has the stones to seriously attempt to even investigate their actions. My only consolation is the forlorn hope that if Bush or his cronies ever suddenly go against their characters, develop an interest in the rest of the world, and decide to travel abroad, there might be Interpol agents waiting wherever they land to whisk them off to the Hague.

Josh said...

I understand that he's on home turf, but it still would be pretty great to see him get the opera treatment Glenn Close received at the end of "Dangerous Liaisons."

Nothing short of complete and utter rebuke could possibly make this man second-guess himself... and even then I'm not so sure it would get the job done.

Ref said...

LOVE the cheesy real estate scroll on the bottom! And who's the chick in the plastic jacket?

Fred said...

I agree with Arcnor. Bush and his pals got away with multiple crimes and are laughing all the way to their new lives.

Worse yet- we, the people are STILL the ones who allowed them to get away with it.

Daniel said...

'In perpetuity'? Seriously? Did he add 'throughout the universe'?

I'm amazed at the balls on these people. I don't think even Robert Mugabe would get away with this shit.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't look well, does he have the big 'C'(ancer)?

SteveR said...

He's always been feckless and ineffectual. Sorry Chez, but I still don't understand this attachment people have to the idea that W actually made any decisions.

He wasn't a President, he was a puppet. A figurehead. A placeholder. Is that so hard to believe?

He didn't cause the damage, he just rubber-stamped it.