Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mistakes Were Unmade

The Huffington Post: President Obama Works to Undo Bush Foreign Policy, Shut Down CIA "Black Sites"; Signs Order Closing Gitmo/1.22.09


Alex Auais said...


I am happy for these changes.

Despite being a Republican I always believed that the "black sites" were total bullshit. I also believe that jailing people without due process is a clear violation of what we stand for as a country.

what amazes me is the wit/intelligence of the people who pulled it off - and the blind eye congress turned to the whole thing.

my parents dropped all their belongings and gave up a life to leave a system like this in cuba.

Bush should have brought khalid "ron jeremy" sheik whatever the fuck to the states and tried him here - in front of cameras. I am sure with a nice tape delay sensitive shit could have been bleeped or blurred out.

and as far as the arguement that these are dangerous people - trust me i am more afraid of the local pedophile hurting my kid or a home invader than I am of some non-english speaking terrorist.

i didn't buy a glock to stop bin laden - rather the career criminal that goes through the revolving prison doors here in miami. when i go to the atm at night i am not looking over my shoulder for terrorists.

Blenderab said...

"I didn't buy a Glock to stop Bin Laden - rather the career criminal that goes through the revolving prison doors here in Miami."

No A., you bought it because you have such a small penis!

Just kidding man, when I used to live in Miami, I owned a few guns myself.

The problem...while I stepped out one day to the bank to make a deposit, someone broke into our house, and robbed us blind, stealing most of my handguns, gun safe and all. I Don't blame you. Just make sure you get your wife to let you have a less "faggoty" dog!

Peace, Brother!

Benoit from Ottawa said...

Stunning, the speed with which Obama's starting to undo the worse.

Who'd ever have thought it. Change indeed.