Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Higher Ground

Just a quick note from Malcontent Central:

I'll be flying out of New York City in an hour or so (consider this a heads-up to Laguardia's goose population) bound for Miami.

I'll be able to watch the inauguration from the airport when I land, which in some ways thrills me to be able to stand with dozens of strangers taking in history.

Have a great day. Enjoy the moment. I'll have something to say about all of it when I get where I'm going -- a place, by the way, where the temperature is a balmy 65-degrees.


maxpurr9 said...

have a good flight. i too, along with my 5 year old daughter, am flying today. from california to hawaii. looks like we're both heading to warmer climes.
it's a great day for a change of scenery!
have fun.

jrm78 said...

65 degrees? Isn't that frigid by Florida standards? At least sweatshirt and heavy jacket weather from what I've heard.

Anonymous said...

Not so fast. I heard is Cheney in a wheel-chair. I also heard that he plans on citing some Disabilities Act B.S. and will state that you can't leave a disabled person without a job and therefore he plans on remaining at his post as Vice-President.

Aaron X said...

Obama 08, YES WE CAN!

Anonymous said...

This is kinda of funny and just thought I would share, especially considering that today is the first bright moment that this country has been able to enjoy over the past 8 years. Anyway, I came into work today and there was a lady in the gym where I work just watching TV. It's a small gym but it has a TV and a few stationary bikes and tread mills and a simple weight set. After I made some small talk she told me she was there because her TV at home had the cable go out and there was no way in hell she was going to miss todays speech. Also at work, the head IT guy had to IM everyone in the office to stop streaming video because it was killing our bandwidth - I will give you one guess of what people are streaming. I bring this up because I think it is important for people to know how much this days means to literally millions of people and how the current President - at least for the next hour - almost single handadly destroyed one of the greatest countries to ever exist and the fucked ups he has made, not to mention how he has made life for millions of people miserable, also the shame that we us Americians have had to suffer threw over the past 8 years. I won't say that Obama is destine to do great things, but given the current president, he certaintly can't do worse. Plus Obama has at least half a brain which is a half more them Bush has!

nancy said...

I was able to see most of the inauguration online at work... it was the oddest thing. I was the only person in the building watching. I kept looking around for someone to meet my eyes, to smile and nod- anything, just some glimmer of acknowledgement of this moment that was giving me goosebumps.

Very strange, to be completely alone in my celebration at my desk. I taped a little flag to my monitor and went back to work.

Janean said...

I watched from the coffee shop at school.

I attend a christian university in SC that is funded by the southern baptists; I was thrilled and pleasantly surprised to see students and professors pack the place to stand around the televisions and watch. It was refreshing to realize I wasn't the only person on the campus that was excited to see it.

I rushed from there to my 12:30 class a few minutes late only to discover our professor was watching it on live stream.

Of course one or two of my classmates were angry and actually pouting like small children because she "made" them watch it.

One of them told me in another class last semester that she believes Obama is the anti-Christ (literally); It was thrilling to realize that she and the others on campus that share her ridiculous viewpoints were outnumbered for once.

Anonymous said...

I watched in the hospital where I work, with co-workers and visitors. It added to the thrill to be with others. One of our doctors was actually there on the mall--a great thing to be able to say later, but very uncomfortable to actually suffer through. I liked watching it where I was!

Alex Auais said...


Did you watch it at MIA in EspaƱol with English subtitles?

If you landed in Lauderdale I am sure it was in English sans subtitles.