Monday, January 19, 2009

Hell Boys

I'd make some wise-ass comment about this, but honestly I'm too busy laughing.

The Washington Post: Street Preachers Shout Down Passers-by at Inaugural Concert, Warn Obama Supporters of Damnation/1.19.08


Deacon Blue said...

Well, I'm laughing too...I've had some arguments with some Christian bloggers about the sinfulness of supporting Obama.

Because, ya know, support of a woman's right to choose is sooooo much worse than killing hundreds of thousands in a senseless war and destroying the lives of millions at home ecnomically.

lakelady said...

gotta love street theatre

Tor Hershman said...

It is most amusing in an 'how ill' sort of way.

Oh, the second post down (as of today) on my blog has the Exit Music that I'd play.

Stay on groovin' safari,
Tor Hershman

Anonymous said...

Most of these guys are probably mentally ill but not so impaired as to be a danger to themselves or others (can't be forcefully committed) and are able to work a megaphone and be coherent for a decent span of time. Throw in an insanely strict religious upbringing and you have a street preacher. There is one that hangs out on my campus in the speakers circle when the weather is warmer and says pretty much the exact same shit. People often try to argue with him but I couldn't imagine a bigger waste of time. No amount of talking is going to convince the local schizophrenic that the CIA couldn't possibly be controlling his thoughts via the Good Year blimp and the same goes for those working the religious angle. It only makes sense inside their warped little head and unless you subscribe to their particular brand of insanity its like trying to talk down a character from Alice In Wonderland.

Anonymous said...

I think those sandwich boards make great targets for eggs and water balloons.

Deacon Blue said...

yeah, Anonymous 7:16...except that many of the fellow Christians I've argued with on the supporting Obama is a sin against God issue are otherwise pretty much sane.

The "Obama supporters are going to Hell" sentiment almost always arises out of the notion that abortion is the most heinous thing in the world and that support of a woman's choice is roughly the same as ripping a near-term child out of a devout Christian woman's womb with a chain saw and a pair of salad tongs.

It's a frightful narrow-mindedness among many in the Christian circles who think that a politician's support of pro-choice policies is the most terrible thing of all and trumps anything else about them, no matter how good the other things are.

Stupidity, yes. Insanity, well not so much...except for those sandwich board guys. I mean, wearing a sandwich board for any other reason other than to advertise that we should "Eat at Joe's" is insanity in itself.

Vermillion said...

Best part of that article:

He held a sign that simply listed the guilty. "Baby Killing Women, Porno Freaks, Sport Nuts, Drunks, Homos, Jesus Mockers, Mormons."

"Wait a minute," a young guy in the crowd said to his buddies. "Sports nuts?"

Followed shortly by: "Be tolerant, you homo".


Vermillion said...

Wait, I just had a thought. The guy with the "baby killing women" sign; does he mean women who kill babies, or a baby that is killing women?

Oh my God, there is a serial killer baby on the loose! Run for your lives! The bastard will kneecap you with a rattle, and then finish you off on the ground Kratos-style! Don't think, don't try to reason, just run and drop kick anything under three feet tall into the atmosphere!

Now Chez, can you account for Inara's whereabouts during the times in question? I am not accusing here or anything, just saying that maybe all those pancakes on her head could have has a deleterious effect. Batter on the brain can't be good, you know?

pknaack1 said...

I don't think its a form of mental illness. My brother falls in the category of someone who believes this stuff completely blindly. In fact he recently found out I was an atheist and I have been forced to de-friend him from facebook because of his incessant but feeble attempts to convert me. This coming from a person I have asked for financial advice on numerous occasions because he is extremely intelligent.

The problem appears to be that these religious beliefs have so completely infiltrated every level of his brain's cognitive model of abstract concepts, that it is impossible for him to conceive of a version of "right versus wrong" or of moral and ethical rules without the existence of a supreme being assigning them. "Is it safe to assume, then, as you complete the transition to fully consistent atheism, that you will purge the terms "obligation" and "better" from your lexicon?" (direct quote)

He appears to have a well-developed capability of logical rational thought-- except when it comes to religion, at which point he reverts to indoctrinated dogma, and abandons any sense of logical progression of thoughts. "Would you equate your behavior with that of a thief and a murderer, or would you think yours was superior?" (direct quote, which is an obvious bait for leading into a description that there cannot be an absolute right or wrong without god).

I also believe that "delusion" implies an ignorance of some input and over-emphasis of other input. The holder of a delusional or an obsessional belief will observe the world around them, filter out and ignore everything which does not fit their view, and find evidence supporting their belief everywhere they look. Throughout their lives, they may even plot to place themselves specifically in contrived scenarios which provide them with the evidence they were hoping for.

As such, I believe that debating with these people is like debating with a video tape recording. It doesn't matter what you say, the video tape will keep right on playing.

Alex said...

One thing I've always found particularly laughable is how pro-choice immediately translates to pro-abortion to these people. As if pro-choicers demand the use of abortion over having the kid and keeping it or giving it up for adoption.