Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner

Damn. Now what's Biden gonna do with that big wad of dollar bills that's been burning a hole in his pocket?

Mother Jones: Palin To Be No-Show at Obama's Dinner and Cocktail Event Honoring McCain/1.15.09


Dianne said...

That picture is everywhere and I swear it irks me more every time I see it? Stupid bint, trying to flirt her way into the Vice Presidency, and she doesn't even wink well!

I'm sure Mr Biden is very relieved that she won't be in attendance.

Fred said...

I think that her being at the party would be like having that big family BBQ ad the neighborhood drunk shows up thinking its a block party.

Everybody would just roll their eyes and try to avoid engaging in any meaningful conversation.

Steve said...

... but the press would be all over it.