Friday, January 16, 2009

Frak Yeah!

Battlestar Galactica returns tonight.

That is all.


The Firefaery said...

I've been watching the series through Netflix, trying to go slowly. I don't have cable, so can't watch it in real time. I'm so jealous! We're into the second season.

A Bowl Of Stupid said...

You're a nerd.

That is all.

Prozac Boy said...

Who is the fifth cylon?

Betting pool is now open.

Alex said...

I'm in the same boat (started from season 1). My wife and I just flew through the 4th season (that hit netflix on 1/6/09) and the webisodes to be ready for Saturday. The first 5 episodes of season 4.5 are available on the day after it airs. The rest of the season's episodes show up on hulu 8 days after airing.

I haven't had cable for years now, and I haven't missed it between all the shows online and netflix.

Alex said...

@Prozac - Kara's mom?

Chez said...

This, coming from a guy who surfs and gets high full-time -- oh, and does it while fighting off malaria and various Asian social diseases.

Sure thing there, Matty.

Chez said...

If you believe Leoben, it's one of the Adamas.

HG said...

There's always Zak, Chez. He wasn't in the fleet (the identifying trait given to Roslin in the first half of the season).

aaron said...

Frak yeah! And wouldn't it be neat if Obama were the final Cylon, and he were to peacefully reconcile (Dems & Reps) humans and Cylons after wiping out the Cavil faction?

Ok, so that's stupid. I'm just really excited about these next few days.

Anonymous said...

who is the hot blonde bimbo?

George C said...

I'm calling Ellen Tigh.

Her, or Kat. It can't be anyone else at this point (I really doubt Dualla is the fifth, and I'm positive it can't be an Adama that we know; I also doubt Moore would just make another Adama pop up just for drama).

I'm such a geek (not a nerd, nerds are books, geeks are amazing sci-fi that actually is a perfect allegory for the Bush administration).

Ahem. It's also 3.5 minutes longer tonight.

Deacon Blue said...

@ George C...

I actually saw what I thought was a great definition of nerd vs. geek (plus dork) in an article about Obama.

Nerd = Someone with knowledge of something most people think of as nerdy/geeky, but who has some social skills

Geek = Someone with the knowledge but few or none or the social skills.

Dork = Someone with neither.

Doesn't matter if it's true or even logical. Just sounds cool to me.

Also provides validation for me that whatever I am, I'm not a dork.

George C said...

I stand corrected.
I'm a nerd, then.

Or can I just be a fan? ;)

Hope said...

I'm thinking it's Cain or Dualla. The extended Razor had a longer prophecy that eluded the 5th was a female. Neither of the above is in the last supper pic. It's not Strabuck...she was referenced as the angel that will find the 5th...gods I'm a dork!! LOL!!

So say we all!!