Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Sacrilege

Obviously the work of Satan.

AP: Sarah Palin's Evangelical Alaska Church Torched/12.13.08


TK said...

Until more information is available, I'm blaming Garth.

Also, way to take a tragedy and make it about you, Sarah. Nicely done.

sir bedevere said...

Well that's clearly the work of local witches. And unlike that Muthee character, there are ways of telling if she is a witch. Fetch my larger scales!

Anonymous said...

I'm actually a bit impressed that she's apologizing for this. Of course, there's no need for her to... a jerk torching a church is a jerk torching a church, and regardless of her credentials (or lack thereof), political acumen (or lack thereof), and speaking skills (or lack thereof), it's not her fault someone torched her church, whether it was because they were upset with her or not. Then again, maybe she did it so she could jump in the news again by having something to apologize for that has nothing directly to do with her or the election which is now over a month behind us.

Meanwhile, other folks in office are receiving more direct and obvious criticism:

Deacon Blue said...

I sincerely doubt Satan would want to do anything to harm Palin or her reputation. She does his work so well while either believing, or pretending (hard to tell) that she's serving God.