Friday, December 12, 2008


This is getting to be too easy.

TVNewser: CNN "Redeploying" DC Bureau Correspondents, Veteran Pentagon Correspondent Jamie McIntyre Leaving Network/12.12.08


Anonymous said...

Dare I say it? Could Wolf be a bit long in the tooth for the CNN model these days?

Given what i know of CNN and Mr. Klien (I'm a former CNN'er) it doesn't seem that far out of the realm of possibility that Wolf could be gone by end of 2009.

John King will be taking over for Wolf on Sundays. i could see Mr. Klein having the "brilliant idea" to have John take over the situation room as well

Much the way he revamped American Morning by replacing Miles and Soledad.

Or, remember how he handled Aaron Brown's departure?

All this is pure speculation on my part but should it happen it wouldn't surprise me a bit.

Chez said...

At this point, nothing would surprise me.

The thing I just can't get past -- the irony that even Jon Klein can't be deluded enough to miss -- is that all of this comes a couple of weeks after that Observer article. The one in which Klein bragged about how much money CNN had and how they were gonna have more people on the air and behind the scenes than anyone.

Love it.

Anonymous said...

By 2010 all CNN shows will be anchored via hologram by Jessica Yellin, Will.I.Am and a revolving team of outsourced Indian correspondents. With the money saved by firing all on air talent CNN will be able to move forward with its plan to move into a new giant headquarters building affectionately nicknamed "Jon Klein's Penis Substitute." Unfortunately the network will effectively go off the air in 2011 with the death of its last viewer, a man who legally changed his name to CNNfan, formerly Joseph Yarmolinsky of Farmingville New York, who had been monitoring the network for the last 20 years from the basement of his mother's house. He will die of deep vein thrombosis during a 30 hour marathon of Sanjay Gupta's health tips (Gupta having moved to India to be an outsourced correspondant.) Irony would suggest that he die during the segment on Deep Vein Thrombosis, but instead it will be during an hour on trans-fats.

Anonymous said...

And did you hear? There's no more cholera in Zimbabwe anymore. How do we know? Because their president said so.

Bushism #2 (adopted from the Nixon Cannon of 75'): If the president says it's so, then so it shall be.

It's astonishing how incredibly dumb they think we must all be.