Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas from CNN

I may as well just start listing the people who haven't been laid-off. It'd be faster.

TVNewser: Two More Veterans Gone: Linda Stouffer and Rusty Dornin Out at CNN/12.15.08


Al said...

Linda will always be 'Cinnamon' to me.

It's truly shocking to see CNN these days - the fact that DL-freaking-Hughley has a show speaks volumes about the journalism they aspire to. When I saw the first promo for that I laughed, absolutely positive it was schtick.

The only options I see as this point NPR / PBS.

Anonymous said...

You could start a poll or take bets on next to go.

I'm gonna put 25 on Candy Crowley. or Barbra Starr by Friday.

Chez said...

I used to work with Linda back at WSVN when she went by Cinnamon (her real first name).

She's honestly one of the nicest people I've met in my entire career. Absolute sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

If a news radio station canned this much talent it would indicate a forthcoming format switch. Any chance that CNN becomes cable's first all calypso music network before 2nd quarter '09? It would increase my chances of tuning in.

Green Lantern said...

Okay I've just gotta know...I realize she's married, but who on Earth did Robin Meade sleep with and/or keep sleeping with in order to get/keep her job? I stopped watching HLN mostly because of her and her vapidity.

(Is "vapidity" an actual word?)

Chez said...

I actually like Robin. She's perfect for the kind of show she's doing -- in other words, she's easy to wake up to (and no, that isn't a double-entendre).

I've been friends with Robin for a long time. Like Linda, we worked together back at WSVN -- and we hung out in Atlanta a couple of times. She's a total sweetheart.