Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Listening Post

I get that the Roots released a near masterpiece this past year, and that the rest of the world was busy fawning over Kanye and his Auto-Tune and Lil Wayne and his ridiculous grill, but in 2008 the hip-hop album that moved me most was one I'd been waiting to hear for years: the triumphant return of Q-Tip.

Here's Renaissance Rap.


Robo said...

I guess people are too focused on the douche's of the year to comment on one of Hip Hop's best ever lyricists. This is a great song. God I miss me some Phife, Q, Ali...

On another note I was gonna send you an email on this but I figured I'd share with the group. It's not like I have a listening post section so I'll just piggy back if you don't mind.

Check out A State of Mind (ASM). They're a Hip Hop group from Europe. I've only heard a limited amount of songs but I'm hooked. I'm already on the hunt for a copy of Cosmic Flavour to cop.
Here's a Callabo with Wax Tailor --> Positively Inclined

Another guy i've just recently discovered is a rapper named Braille from Oregon. Also some dope shit. Here's the first single from his fourth album it's The IV

kanye said...

Nothing wrong with a little kanye fawning.