Friday, December 12, 2008

Listening Post

Before they became MTV darlings by exclusively writing songs that lent themselves to videos featuring Alicia Silverstone, Aerosmith were one of the best rock and roll bands on the planet.

From that bygone era, specifically 1977, here's a kick-ass live performance of Draw the Line.


slouchmonkey said...

One of the best all time "drive to" songs, BACK IN THE SADDLE.

mike m said...

thanks for this one its cool, this album was considered a failure coming after "rocks" amnd "toys " but it had some cool stuff. Joe Perry has had it together for a long time, but this reminded howucked up he was back then. His singing was awful and his lead at the bridge was awful, it would be great to get his reaction to this. he is truly one of the greatest rock guitarists out there.