Monday, December 29, 2008

Listening Post: The Best Single of 2008

There was enough good music released in 2008 that it should be tough holding up one song above all others. Artists like Coldplay, the Black Keys, TV on the Radio, Portishead, Snow Patrol, Vampire Weekend, P!nk and the Kings of Leon all released terrific albums this year -- and each had at least one single that rose to the level of greatness.

But in the end, it's simply no contest.

The year's best song was one that surprised with the sheer audacity of its eight-and-a-half minute length, mesmerized with its powerful hooks and moody, atmospheric layers and just plain stayed in your head for days after hearing it.

Death Cab for Cutie's I Will Possess Your Heart was hands down the best single of 2008.


Jeremy said...

Coldplay, I'm loathe to admit I liked their big radio hit(and was a little relieved to find out that the song I liked was actually a stolen Joe Satriani song... and I know that makes me almost as bad as those folks who hate the Beatles just because everyone else likes them, but I really did hate that I liked a Coldplay song... I'm that shallow sometimes.)
But this is an excellent choice. Death Cab kicks much ass.

eliza said...

Great pick. I just got this CD. Love the song and there's something mesmerizing about the video as well.

OT: I can't wait to hear your take on Jon Klein's latest interview.

Erica Dee said...

I have so much respect for you because you have picked this song.
Death Cab is one of the best bands out.
I heard them live, and they're better than they are recorded.
Thank you.

trish said...

Yep, you're right on. Perfect pick.

kanye said...

Well, Rolling Stone says it's some Beyonce song that I've never heard, so I guess you MUST be wrong!

Good pick. This and that Ezra Furman song, Take Off Your Sunglasses have been getting serious playtime at the Kanye household.

Chez said...

That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Rolling Stone these days.

Taibbi's the only good thing left at that magazine. Wenner's gone from putting Lennon on the cover to Britney Spears.

Laser Rocket Arm said...

Wenner's been putting Britney Spears on RS' cover for a decade now. Actually, it's scary to think that Britney's managed to hang around that long.

As for Death Cab For Cutie I know people who adore them and I try to keep an open mind where music's concerned but I don't get it. They don't suck, but I've never had any song of theirs grab me, shake me and scream I'M FUCKING AWESOME AND YOU WILL PLAY ME LIKE A RETARD! which I kind of demand from my tunes. Maybe someday.

Alex said...

I dunno, it's a good song (off yet another great album by them) but I woulda gone with "Cath".

Brittany said...

Agree with Alex ... "Posess" is an excellent song, but "Cath..." was, in my opinion, superior. (which was why I was going to leave a comment ... thanks for beating me to it, Alex!)

Still a good choice, though.