Friday, December 19, 2008

Last One Out of the Clown Car Please Shut the Door

Everybody fill your diaphragm with a shot of Jack and raise it to the Duggars. They've just announced that their 19th baby is on the way.

Wait, they actually had their 18th today?

Oh well -- same thing.

Yahoo: Arkansas Family Welcomes 18th Child, a Girl/12.19.08

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Amy said...

They are such good christians..

idiosynchronic said...

When is someone going to issue that couple a honorary Catholic Marriage Certificate?

Anonymous said...

Maybe next time she'll say: "Don't come near me with that thing!"

Jeremy said...

Jeez... how do you... I mean... has she lost all feeling in her... just... I mean...

Are they ever going to run out of "J" names?

Stephen said...

"So, is there any tread left on that thing or is it like throwing a hot dog down the hallway?"

Stewie Griffin

Felis Femina said...

Her vagina must look like the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel.

Graham said...

Do their uncles and aunts must have a lot of Christmas shopping to do.

Deacon Blue said...

So there was this time I was driving to Fayetteville, and there was a backup on Interstate 540, so I took this little side road hoping I could around the shit.

I mean, it was bumpy as hell, and then everything just went dark. All of a sudden. It was damn spooky.

Had to slow to a crawl, and must have gone several minutes before I panicked and made a U-turn.

When I saw light again, I hit the accelerator and just made like a bat out of hell back toward I-540.

Looked in my rearview mirror and almost lost my mind.

I had just exited Mrs. Duggar's labia.

True story.

Chez said...

Comment of the week, right there.

John O'Brien said...

Words fail me.
I was born in Ireland, raised in Newfoundland, to very devout Catholic parents.
My parents had three boys...practically infertile compared to these people.
What is it about your country that these freaks continue to get so much publicity?
It's puzzling, really.
Have a great Christmas Chez, and give that beautiful little one a big hug from all of us up here in the frozen north.

kanye said...

Blowjob? What's that? - Jim Bob Duggar

Doc said...

Cockroaches are also perpetually pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Dammit, I was beaten to the Lincoln Tunnel reference.

Deacon Blue said...

Eureka! Comment of the week! I'd like to thank my agent, the Academy...

I knew if I hung in there I'd manage it thanks, Chez. However, I expect a stern scolding from Jesus in the hereafter.

I do have to give some credit to my inadvertent muse, Felis Femina, whose Lincoln Tunnel reference helped inspire the comment.

Now, where's the after-ceremony party being held? And will Angelina Jolie be there?

Felis Femina said...

Aw shucks, Deacon Blue, you're makin' me blush.